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The Ginger Snapped


Jinkx and Major have come to showcase their new music from their upcoming album... however Jinkx worries that her best years are behind her. In order to avoid a breakdown of diva proportions Major must act as both pianist and therapist to the Manic Miss Monsoon. Music and mental health collide in this witty, biting look at the dark side of Drag fame. 

With special guest Nick Sahoyah

"I loved THE GINGER SNAPPED and anyone who doesn't feel the same way must be crazy! I've seen the show four times. Jinkx & Major are such an incredibly talented creative duo. They put on a stellar show together that's a unique and fresh departure from today's popular drag entertainment. The show is hilarious and heartfelt and full of fabulous original music that leaves you wanting more." -Peaches Christ 

"The best voice in the business singing the best original songs I've heard in years. THE GINGER SNAPPED is a nutty knockout!" - Varla Jean Merman