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Titanique with Marla Mindelle, Constantine Rousouli, Tye Blue + MORE!!!


Embark on a campy musical voyage led by Celine Dion as she recounts her version of what happened onboard the Titanic. This quick-witted theatrical company packed with beloved Broadway, television and social media stars somehow manages to turn one of the greatest tragedies of modern time into a ridiculous musical romp. Backed by a live band and thrilling musical arrangements, this unique concert experience will take you down memory lane and have you belting out all of your favorite Celine hits.



Produced by Tye Blue

Arrangements and Music Direction by Nicholas Connell

Written by Marla Mindelle, Constantine Rousouli, and Tye Blue

Concept by Tom Lenk and Constantine Rousouli

Starring Marla Mindelle as Celine, Constantine Rousouli, Alex Ellis, Drew Droege, Sebastian La Cause, Katherine Tokarz, Kathy Deitch, Alex Wyse, Mikhail Thompson, and featuring Adam Zelasko, & Leah Hall

Doors at 7:30pm

*no item minimum