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New Year's Eve At Dynasty Typewriter


We cordially e-vite you to join us for a very special evening as we open up the entire theatre for a multi-room immersive party + entertainment experience! Sounds fancy, huh? Good! Because it WILL BE. It will also be stress free and positively enchantertaining™!  How can a New Years party be ALL those things? Because we are “The Home of Good Vibes” (a Dynasty nickname that’s catching on fast.)

*You likely can already sense this is your best option for New Years.*

But we live in an age of listicles, baby! And when the world gets listy, we make a flarpin’ list.

Here’s a list about our New Years event: 

Magical Midnight Toast!
Everyone who’s anyone (who’s not in recovery, under-age, or generally uninterested in drinking. We naturally respect all these options.) is poppin’ bottles on New Years. BUT ARE THEY ALSO POPPIN' ABSINTHE!? We'll be running a full bar all evening, but as midnight approaches all ticket holders will have the option of a complimentary champagne or absinthe toast.

Glamorous Photo Wall
C’mon, you know you’re gettin' all dressed up for this, doesn’t the rest of the world deserve to know too!? OF COURSE, THEY DO! Capture the last moments of your 2018 on camera… you’ll never be that young again.

Close-Up Magic Shows
Our performer green room will be transformed into a close-up magic and variety room with shows every 30 minutes featuring your favorite Dynasty talent and top magicians from The Magic Castle.

Music to Marvel to!
Of course we'll have records spinning in the lobby, and the theater will be filled with the sounds of a hand-picked playlist SURE to evoke the perfect mixture of nostalgia for days gone by, appreciation for the present moment, optimism for the future, and curiosity about the realities and constraints of time.
*ZZ Top available upon request. 

Intimate Typewriter Time ☆
We don't mean intimate in a nookie-sense. Just a classy & respectful one-on-one sense. Take a seat at a Dynasty Typewriter desk, crack your knuckles, and clickity-clack. Ideas: Write your future-self a letter, type out your resolutions, send a hello to a loved one. Whatever you do, you'll leave Dynasty with a typewritten treasure. 

After Midnight Competitive Karaoke
After the ball drops, the mics get picked up... only to be dropped themselves after Dynasty-certified bangin'™ performances. Because who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? (If you don’t no worries. This is totally optional.) But those interested are welcome to use the Dynasty stage & fog machines to feel like the stars you ares, and maybe even WIN PRIZES!!

*Please drop microphones responsibly on the provided mic drop pillow. We are a new venue and we aren't yet in a place to treat our equipment as disposable.  

New Year’s Pact + Seance at The Stroke of 12
It’s scientifically proven that pacts & seances increase productivity and wellbeing by 97%. We bow to science/magick.

Dyngo Bingo — Win Prizes!
DYNGO is like Bingo with better letters, more glamour, and more exciting hosts.

PLUS WAY MORE!!! Including Potential Improvised Conga Line Moments!
We've got lots more surprises planned for you, and a wish for improvised conga lines to erupt throughout the night. Will they happen? Will you be emphatically in or be absolutely mortified? Prospective conga lines aside, we're truly excited to open our doors to you and do our favorite thing: create magical and memorable experiences with wonderful people in our favorite place in the world.

Doors 8:00 PM | 21+ General Admission

Advanced Ticket Pricing* — Available until Dec 30th

$35 — General Admission
$100 — 4-Pal Pack (Special Group Rate: $25 per ticket)

Day of Ticket Price*

$50 per person

*Ticket includes a glass of Bubbly or Absinthe toast at Midnight


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