So you want to speak at GO Day? 

Great! GO Days are a real passion of the Dynasty. They provide a way to connect with our community, get inspired, gain insight into other folks’ creative process, and start the month off right. Thank you for your interest in our beautiful baby!

Due to overwhelming interest we can’t accommodate all the speakers who apply, but rest-assured we read all applications. A friendly reminder that we curate these very carefully, so don’t be dismayed if your subject/topic/speech doesn’t fit into our current days! Never let anybody dim your shine, baby. 

What we love: unique stories of creative journeys. Learning about more niche and obscure arts. Tips on overcoming creative blocks. Insight into the arts from all perspective (artists, curators, business people, et cetera.) Tales of winding roads that brought you to unexpected places. 

Now, A few Questions…

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