Whewf! Move over royal wedding, 'cause the Dynasty had a TRULY regal week! We finally got to announce that beginning in June, we will be the new kingdom for Harmontown! Every Monday night just got a lot less Monday-feeling and a lot more wonderful! Oh, and guess what?  Tig Notaro did a drop-in set on Greg Barris's amazing Heart of Darkness show. She brought with her a winning combo of smiles and Adele moments. Wish you were there hun! Matt Braunger & Friends should be called Matt Braunger & Other Brilliants because his show was burstin' with goodness. On Friday we bowed down to the queen herself (CELINE!) in the truly amazing performance of Titanique. Celine Dion, as played by the impossibly talented Marla Mindelle, told her version of the story of the Titanic flanked by an attractive cast of quadruple threats. It was a night we'll never let go of. On Saturday, royalty made yet another appearance in the totally sold-out Comedian's Cinema Club presentation of The Princess Bride. The theater was packed and the cast was nuts. (The good kind of nuts! Like cashews!)  And Sunday, a king of the art of comedy, Brent Forrester (who possesses both a mind and a heart of sustainably sourced gold) gave us a whirlwind of laughter and priceless information in the first ever Comedy Knowledge Drop. If real school was this fun, we'd all be like, doctor-lawyer-entomologists.

Oh, and dang! Our marquee got marked by THE BART MAN! 

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