Announcing The Prototype


Oh goodness! We’ve had such a wild n’ wonderful 5 months, and we truly thank you for being a part of it. Ah, the shows we’ve hosted, friends we’ve made, lessons we learned… yes, the soft-opening has been firmly a success in our minds. And now, it is with great delight we announce,The ProtoType, our first official season of entertainment featuring screenings, comedy headliners such as Maria Bamford and Eugene Mirman, theatrical experiences such as NY’s Hidden Fences, musical events including Haunting Renditions and Titanique, and an ongoing weekly residency for Dan Harmon's wildly popular podcast HarmonTown.

As for the name of the season, “The ProtoType” is what we call a "double nod" (or DubNod™.) One nod to the continuation our venue’s soft opening, since it’s a prototype of our programming direction. The other nod is towards Dynasty’s imaginary past as a typewriter company. “The ProtoType by Dynasty” was one of the first typewriter models by Dynasty Typewriter, so really, it all makes perfect sense. If it doesn’t make sense to you, you can tuck it into the “eh, not for me” bin, and still enjoy everything else the theatre has to offer. “Like what!?” you say, exasperated with this email. Like this:

Running from June-Sept 15th, the ProtoType season boasts a diverse roster of entertainment. Headliners include comedians Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, and Eugene Mirman. Theatrical performances include the LA premiere of Jordan Temple’s comedic mashup Hidden Fences, and an encore performance of the amazing musical shit show Titanique (if you missed it last time, condolences. Don’t let it happen again!) Live podcasts from Grace Helbig (Not Too Deep) and Dan Harmon (HarmonTown). Highly produced variety shows including Sasheer Zamata Party Time, more of Team Coco’s Up&Up with Moses Storm, and Andy Kindler's Particular Show. Charity and social action benefits including Action Civics LA with Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Fred Armisen, and Nathan Fielder, and instructional edutainment workshops like Brent Forrester’s Comedy Knowledge Drop. You like improv? Then you’ll love WorkJuice with comedic luminaries Paul F .Tompkins, Janet Varney, and Marc Evan Jackson. One-of-a kind cultural happenings like the opening night of Dirty Looks: On Location Film Festival, and a weekend of “Thrilling Fest” from the creators of cult-favorite Thrilling Adventure Hour. Audiences can also expect more additions to the schedule, drop-ins and surprises, as well as a series of signature events produced by the in-house team.