This past Saturday's Gold Rush was one heck of a show for many reasons! 

1) Minutes after a Twitter ask, we had some true DynastyDarlings pull through with real TUMBLEWEEDS for our stage. From Victorville. AND they've been blown & shellacked to perfection. See these bumblin' beauts for yourself at the upcoming Gold Rush!  
2) Our lost and found auction was.. how do you say.... "lit AF."  Golden sparkle shoes? Moto jackets! Mock turtlenecks? Sunglasses! Some of these items went for upwards of 17 dollars in a BIDDING FRENZY. The last time we've felt this inspired about our direction was when we got the popcorn machine! So yes. We're becoming an auction house. If you have anything you want to get rid of (props, clothes, knick knacks or paddywacks) contactus or just bring your goods to the theater, and we'll put 'em in our Bumblers Box™. Next auction at this Saturday's Gold Rush!