We hope your past week was full of all the things that make you feel like the child of star-stuff that you ARE, honeys! If that’s coming on too strong for a Tuesday we don’t want to come on the correct amount. Last week was a real grab bag of goodies ranging from KYLE AYERS' Never Seen It LIVE podcast, Kiwi Kween ROSE MATAFEO’S Horndog, ATC presents with special guest CHELSEA PERETTI and… the crowing jewel of a beautiful week, our huge Valentine’s Soiree! We won’t bore you with all the details, but we will take this opportunity to gently remind you that all DynastyLand™ events are certified gold-level GOMO®. (GOMO, for the few who might need a reminder is the GUARANTEE of missing out.) Short summary: there was dancing, Dyngo, smooching, raging, typing, drinking, and meaningful interactions with a gigantic psychic bird

In other notable news, we’d be remiss not to mention the truly stellar execution of The 2019 All-Star Curmudgeon Run. Didn’t know we’d been in a Curmudgeon Run, then honey you haven’t been paying attention! (It’s ok, we sort of realized it in hindsight also) Over the past 10 days these surly so-n-so’s fought their natural dispositions and brought joy to the Dynasty time and again, so give it up for ANDY KINDLER! MARC MARON! DAN HARMON!and a double serving of EDDIE PEPITONE! Eddie WON This Year’s All-Star Curmudgeon Run (everyone else is also a winner though, don’t worry!) with his live special tapings on Saturday night. We were so thrilled to host the recording of Eddie’s new special, and let us tell you YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. Amazingly hilarious, absurd, silly, smart, poignant, and the stage looked soooooo good. Also, Eddie was GLOWING. If you’ve never seen him glow, let us just warn you, it’s flarpin’ cute

Finally we’re onto THIS WEEK! Oh gosh, we don’t usually spend so many blurbs on the past, but it was a great past, so, you get it. SO TONIGHT we’re very jazzed for Team Coco’s Up & Up with the impossibly perfect host MOSES STORM! He’ll be joined by FLULA BORGTAYLOR TOMLINSONTIM DILLONNICOLE BYER! and moooore! Then WEDNESDAYget your grub ears on as the country’s #1 food podcast comes to LA for the first time! We’re so excited to have DAN PASHMAN’SPORKFUL! With special guest, actor and taco king DANNY TREJO! As if you needed another reason to come, every attendee will get a free empanada! (Just typing that made us feel like flarpin' Oprah!) Afterwards we’ve got CAT COHEN which we’d love for you to see but, congratulations and condolences, it’s SOLD OUT

THURSDAY we welcome the wonderful folks of WORKJUICE IMPROVPAUL F. TOMPKINS and company welcome special guest BUSY PHILLIPS joining their already impeccable ranks as guest monologist. And afterwards, the ball of fire with the voice of an animated rainbow, CHRISTI CHIELLO brings her solo show, IT’S CHRISTI, B*TCH to the best coast. FRIDAY’s were made for parties, and SASHEER ZAMATA is made to answer prayers. It’s SASHEER ZAMATA PARTY TIME! This edition with ESTHER POVITSKYGIULIA ROZZI, DJ BREEZYEZ and moooore! And since your Esther’tite will already be whetted, why not stick around for more? That’s right, it’s ya girl ESTHER POVITSKY at 10pm! SATURDAYTHE LUCAS BROTHERS a WILL TO BELIEVE - the premiere of their brand new hour of comedy. We CAN’T WAIT. Oh, AND the show will include performances from a buncha babes: BYRON BOWERSQUINTA BRUNSONBRANDON WARDELLROSEBUD BAKERMOOKIE THOMPSON, and BLAKE WEBBER

SUNDAY we’ve got another date with the man, the myth, the MARON (sold out!) then MONDAY is HARMONTOWN… then… OMG, our HANNAH GADSBY RUN BEGINS!!! AHHHHH!