😊 So GLADSBY for GADSBY + 👽Doing our part to keep AUSTIN weird + 📯👯 Bugles n' Bechdels n' Benitos and more!💫


Happy to report it’s been another great week at the Dynasty. Since last we’ve corresponded, HANNAH GADSBY has begun her run of shows, and they have been absolutely wonderful, as has she, as are her audiences! Turns out good people attract good people! So stick with the good ones and…. good stuff happens. (Still working on that adage.) In addition to Hannah’s shows, we had a screening of BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT’s film about the legendary Barry CrimminsCALL ME LUCKY, hosted by Bobcat himself. Saturday we had the bittersweet honor of hosting the last ever KEVIN POLLAK CHAT SHOW, which is retiring after a 10 year run of talking to everyone cool. The show was great, with a hangry PAMELA ADLON and a dapper JIM JEFFERIES as the perfectly pitched high notes to go out on. SUNDAY we had an absolutely delightful GO DAY, and got creative advice and inspirations from the usual suspects: an amateur taxidermist, a show runner, a psychic puppeteer, and a tv-writer turned novelist. If those aren’t your usual suspects, you’re hangin’ around at the wrong Go Days, honey! Also of note, a Llama Puppet saw into Jamie’s heart (and throat chakra) and gave some tender advice on speaking his mind. Watch out, jerkwads, Flam is gonna start tellin' like it is! A rough n’ tumble Bunny Puppet told Vanessa it’s good for her to be living in her power with her sword out (?) and also, before bed encouraged everyone to ask themselves “Why was today the best day ever?” Listen, if a puppet says gratitude is the antidote for all that ails us, we’re going to listen. 

Guess what?! We’re taking the Dynasty eastward this week and putting on a show at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST. We’re honored to be asked and stoked to do it. The show will be called “That’s Enchantertainment™” and we’ll have PAUL F. TOMPKINSBUSY PHILIPPSKURT BRAUNOHLERDEBRA DIGIOVANNIMEGAN GAILEY, and… YOGA WITH ADRIENE. We’ll be putting on the big shebang at Esther’s Follies this Friday at 10pm, so if you’re attending the fest, stop by and attend this too! 

THIS WEEK! Did you think we’d slow down? Oh nooooo, honeys. We’ve got to keep on movin’! Hannah’s reign continues, and TONIGHT we also have DANIEL WEBB’s stand-up comedy play, Parfait! This month he’s joined by the fabulous faces of SOLOMON GEORGIOATSUKO OKATSUKASYDNEE WASHINGTONMATTHEW BROUSSARD and more! WEDNESDAY at 10:30, the whirlwind that is BENITO SKINNER will be back for his second sold-out show. FRIDAY at 10, come check out the final stop of the Comedy Royalty Tour!  SATURDAY at 10pm, buckle up because it’s a PODCAST MASHUP! WHoahhhhh! Yes, The Daily Zeitgeist fellows (JACK O’BRIEN and MILES GREY) and joining up with the women of The Bechedel Cast (CAITLIN DURANTE and JAMIE LOFTUS) to dissect the news, trends, and movies from… 1999. Yep. 

SUNDAY madmen JOEY GREER and MIKE CASTLE share the stage for the improvised broguish delight that is IrishprovMONDAY the fine people of Harmontown take over, and TUESDAY we’ve got two great shows- ANDY ZALTZMAN’s bringing his smash hit podcast The Bugle across the pond, splashing it right smack tab into the Dynasty! Then JULIO TORRES will be onstage at 10, talking about (what else?) his favorite shapes. 
PS: We also wanted to tell you, we’re serving coffee! Yes, we’re now a brew-hub for DynaBrew™, so the next time you're at a show, grab yourself a cuppa Joe Dynasty, or if you’re of the herbal persuasion, a cuppa Dyna’sTea. (Tea serving is currently limited to matinees and Maron shows. We have our reasons.)