Dynasty Dygest: May 21st


Put on your lil’ tweed hats and get ready to shout “penny for a pape!” cause it’s newsie time, ya Dynasty rapscallions!
“Newsie” is our hot D’internal™ term for the the newsletter, and sometimes we call her Lil’ Newsie.  Well, now you’re on the inside. HOW DOES IT FEEL! Not so Tuesday-bluesday anymore, eh?  

Here we goOoOoOoOoOoO!


How the flark are ya? 

Over here we’re so full of wild feelings we’re ready to wolf-howl at the still-full looking moon! Speaking of wolf howl, MICHELLE WOLF. Wow. Her completely sold-out show this Sunday was one of our favorite things we’ve ever had at the theater. POW ER HOUSE. She was truly amazing and a pro beyond pros. If you only know her from the Daily Show, we kindly implore you to watch everything else she’s ever done now please, mmmkay? We followed her show by turning our showroom into a home (away from home) box office, and streaming the last episode of that dragon show to a full house! Dornish Wine & Giant’s Milk were consumed, screams were screamed, and really big feelings were felt.  Earlier in the week we’d been treated to powerhouse shows by NORE DAVIS and NAOMI EKPERIGAN and basically… we believe that the children AND these comics are the future. And now on to the saviors of the immediate- like, right now- future.  

TONIGHT!  Our favorite folks (TEAM COCO) bring us our favorite show, Up & Up! With your manic pixie dream boy host, MOSES STORM. And as always, they are delivering with a line-up! NISH KUMAR! GREG BEHRENDTALEX EDELMANJENA FRIEDMAN! and our favorite music & more man: FLULA BORG! Followed by a full hour of stand-up from NISH KUMAR! Have him as an appetizer in Up & Up, then follow up with a full course! It’ll be, DeNISHus!" (Like “Delicious!” Like you say after eating. But with his name inserted for maximum deNISHushNISH.) WEDNESDAY, your guilty pleasure just got even more pleasing, its BACHELOR: The Unauthorized Musical Parody. Who will get the final rose? Grab your Dynapop™ and your pop culture obsoossed besties and find out. 

THURSDAY  it’s the most intensely nice show you’ll ever see, it’s KYLE AYERS’ competitive compliment contest Boast Rattle!  WE LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s comics going head to head to out-nice each other, and you get to be ringside to the madness. This lineup is CRAZY, and MARA WILSON is a guest judge. MARA WILSON. Anyone?? Matilda! Mrs. Doubtfire! Miracle on 34th Street! And more as a grown up a very smart and successful author! But….MATILDA. SHE’S THE DREAM. (And so was Ms. Honey, are we right darlings? A honey indeeeeed! Awooga!) And the contestants include: MARTHA KELLY! DEBRA DIGIOVANNI! STEPH TOLEV! DANIEL VAN KIRK! And juuuuuust when you thought that was all the great things we could say about this great show, Kyle will be donating the proceeds to the Yellowhammer Fund. Oh Kyle. We swoon. And at 10pm, offset that sweetness with a savory little snack of BLAKE WEXLER’s You Dirty Snitch - the show where comedian’s reminisce about ratting out their friend… and then that friend gets an opportunity to get revenge on stage. Yowch and also sign us right on up.  With BLAKE WEXLER & TODD GLASS! CHRISTINE MEDRANO & TERESA LEE! CHRIS FLEMING & MELISSA STRYPE! And TONY YACENDA & DAN PERRAULT! 

FRIDAY we’re happy to be hosting Stand Up for Unicef! Brought to us by BRITTANY ROSS and DEBORAH BAKER JR have put together a great lineup for a great cause, so come feel good about yourself and everything else with NICOLE BYER, ASIF ALI, DANA GOULD, JODI MILLER, JADE CATTA-PRETA, AHMED BHAROOCHA, ARISTOTLE ATHIRAS and even moooooore!  SATURDAY it’s all berets and chic hair cuts and cigarettes and accidentally being really really sexy because it’s France Goes POPLa Collectionneuse presents: ANNAA screening of 1967’s bizarre French musical comedy film! A must for fans of Anna Karina or Serge Gainsbourg or just people who want to do something very fun. Along with the screening, there will be a Videotheque mix and non-stop French femme pop! Yessss bebe! And SUNDAY gives us two opportunities to celebrate half of our favorite grandmother/ grand daughter dance-hall duos, ATSUKO OKATSUKA!  It’s her birthday AND her album recording and she’s set up two shows to accommodate the love! BE ACCOMMODATED and celebrate this wonderful human and have your laugh forever knitted together with her comedy for all posterity. Also we heard there might be dumplings? No promises but a little hype. 

In biggest news, THE REDVINES VS. TWIZZLERS SNACKDOWN SMACKDOWN is going on at concessions. Buy your favorite red licorice and cast your votes, Candyheads!

Jamie (#teamREDVINE) & Vanessa (#teamTWIZ)

Tuesday, May 21 | 8pm
Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco presents an all-new comedy and musical experience with very special guests: Nish Kumar, Greg Behrendt, Alex Edelman, Jena Friedman, Flula Borg, + More!

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Tuesday, May 21 | 10pm
Headlining set from the internationally acclaimed comedian. 

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Wednesday, May 21 | 8pm
Bachelor The Musical is the most dramatic unauthorized musical parody of The Bachelor yet. Who will get the final rose? Who will go home heartbroken? And how many Bachelor jokes can they cram into a one-hour musical?

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Thursday, May 22  | 8pm 
Playing off of the idea of roasts, Boast Rattle has two comedians go head-to-head, delivering alternating blows of the nicest order. Featuring Mara Wilson, Martha Kelly, Debra DiGiovanni, Steph Tolev, Daniel Van Kirk, & More!

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Thursday, May 22 | 10pm
Comedian Blake Wexler and his guests laugh about a time they either couldn’t keep a secret or just plainly ratted out their friend. Featuring: Todd Glass, Christine Medrano, Teresa Lee, Chris Fleming, Melissa Strype, Tony Yacenda, and Dan Perrault

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Friday, May 23 | 8pm 
Stand Up for UNICEF
A benefit UNICEF Next Gen! Helping to save lives of children all over the world! Featuring: Nicole Byer, Asif Ali, Dana Gould, Jodi Miller, Jade Catta-Preta, Ahmed Bharoocha, Aristotle Athiras, + More!

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Saturday, May 24 | 8pm 
La Collectionneuse presents: screening of Anna
France Goes Pop : screening of ANNA (1967) + video mix “VIDEOTHEQUE” and Décadanse Soirée DJ! (feat. Anna Karina, Serge Gainsbourg and more...)

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Sunday, May 26 | 7pm + 9pm
Atsuko's Birthday Album Recording
Join Atsuko on her b-day as she live records her next hour album with Comedy Dynamics. 

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Monday, May 27 | 8pm 
Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty), “comptroller” Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway), game master, Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest) present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. 

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What IS Bongo!? Click through to the photo gallery and see for yourself! Madness! Magic! Puppets! Drag! Burlesque! ALL THE GOOD THINGS, and just the type of show our red curtain has been dying to be part of. Thank you to SANDY HONIG and PETER SMITH for bringing your beautiful show baby to the Dynasty! Photos by Stuart Weiten

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Saturday, June 8 | 7:30pm 
Join us for a record party and performance to celebrate the new album from Tim Heidecker and his Very Good Band. 

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Saturday, Sept 14  | 7pm + 10pm 
Indoor Recess with Joe "Mr. D” Dombrowski
nspiring students and teachers to make school a place where people want to be versus where they have to be. Join us for a very special evening with Teacher+Comedian, Mr D.

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Who knew a post about an island trading post themed grocery store would be our biggest hit yet?! (Also, weird theme for a grocery store, now that we think about it! Not too many grocery stores with themes in general. Fun idea! We want SPACE JEN'S! A space-commissary themed grocery store!)  Anyway, we grieved about produce, you responded in kind. We truly have found our people, and we love you. #findyourtribe
Friday, May 31 | 8pm 
A comedy variety show celebrating joy and positivity. Hosted by Nick Kocher, Demi Adejuyigbe, & Addie Weyrich. With very special guests: Kyle Kinane, Guy Branum, Jamie Loftus, Ramy Youssef, + More!

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Saturday, June 1 | 8pm 
An evening of comedy, variety, enchantment, music, and more. Featuring: John Early, Margaret Cho, Frankie Quinones, Esther Povitsky, and Jimmy O' Yang, With magic by Joel Ward and music by Flula Borg

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