Dynasty Dygest: May 6th


Helloooo you darling May-vens!

How the heck are you?! We’re well n’ swell and ready for another week of hot happenings here at your favorite Popcorn Restaurant. But before we hop into the upcoming week, we love to take a moment to PastBask™. What can we bask in from last week? LOTS! We had an epic May Day Dynasty Tonight with a great lineup including a NICK KROLL pop-in and a thumbskin-less and medicated JOEL KIM BOOSTER. (For any wondering, he’s just as funny without his thumb skin and on meds as he is otherwise.) We had not one but TWO nights of cabaret queen CATHERINE COHEN’s sold-out show, and honestly the vision of her in the sequined jumpsuit was worth price of admission, and the show itself was… priceless. SATURDAY afternoon we hosted what was truly our best GO DAY yet, and we’ve loved all of them so that’s really saying something! On top of being a v. talented hunk, BARON VAUGHN is a wealth of introspective knowledge! BRENT FORRESTER is an unstoppable force made of goodness, comedy, and work ethic. LAURA HOUSE makes meditation accessible and funny! And JAMIE SULLIVAN inspired everyone by reminding us that you have to embrace woh you truly are to walk the path to your own personal greatness (and your plans and your path are not to be confused!) We truly love Go Days, and if you haven’t come, please consider attending next month. It’s free, it’s exciting, it’s a great reminder of the joy and potential our lives all have. And we’re taking allllll those good vibes and vibrating right into this week!

TONIGHT! Like improv? Like podcasts? Like DAVID KOECHNER (Anchorman, amidst many other credits!)?! Well then we have the triple threat (if those first things are threats) made to defeat the doldrums of a typical Tuesday night… it’s Alchemy This! Alchemy this is KEVIN POLLAK’S podcast baby featuring CRAIG CACKOWSKI, JOEY GREER, CHRIS ALVARADO, JAMES HEANEY and VANESSA RAGLAND. Come listen to them make stuff up! And watch them too! Wow, what a treat for the senses. Or at the very least, what an experience for the senses. WEDNESDAY we’re excited to have BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT’s benefit show for HELEN CRIMMINS (widow of BARRY CRIMMINS who is bravely battling cancer.) Bobcat’s lineup includes DEMETRI MARTIN, AMY MILLER, CAITLIN GILL, RHEA BUTCHER, and more so it’s like, the best way to do something nice ever.

THURSDAY we welcome neuroscientist (wow!), philosopher (wa-wow!). and best-selling author (wow-wow wee wow!) SAM HARRIS to the Dynasty for a sold-out live town hall! We have a feeling watching this event is going to make us smarter and deeper, so next week’s newsletter will probably have a different tone and timbre all together. Welp, we’ve enjoyed our reign in the DumDum Kingdum. See ya in smart town, suckassss! 

FRIDAY we’ve got TWO reasons to TG (thank goodness)! First up it’s Off Book LIVE! Earwolfs magical improvised musical podcast with the unstoppable duo of impossibly sweet sweeties, ZACH REINO and JESS MCKENNA! They’re as quick and talented as they are lovely, and watching them create a musical live is MAGIC. Then, we welcome the west coast debut of The Bongo Hour! New York (very coooooool) performers PETER SMITH and SANDY HONIG are bringing their wild variety show to the bosom of the Dynasty, and said bosom is quivering in excited anticipation. With delights including JOHN EARLYBANG BANG LUNABEN MOSS and our fav BOB BAKER MARIONETTES, it’s a show not to be missed. So don’t miss it! 

SATURDAY we offer you another love letter in show form with DYNASTY TONIGHT, our in-house produced show featuring our favorite favorites. This week we’ve got OPEN MIKE EAGLE! JACKIE KASHIAN! PUNKIE JOHNSON! Magic from TAYLOR HUGHES and surprise special guests! Join us! 

SUNDAY is Mother’s Day! So, right after you finish the newsletter & secure all your Dynasty tickets, MAKE SURE you’ve got something nice lined up for your mom(s) and or mother figures! Sunday night, it’s Feel Better with SHENG WANG at 7pm. Sheng is hilarious and we can’t wait to see his hour! Luckily, we don’t have to wait long. Afterwards, we’re doing an RSVP-only free showing of that Dragonny Show that everyone’s been buzzing about for years. RSVP! Wear costumes! Drink mead! 

In other news, this weekend Vanessa saw a bubble mime, Irish wolf hound, and falcon at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and it was heaven! Jamie saw redwoods, a rogue bagpipe player, and a psychotic bird in Half Moon Bay and THAT was heaven! But really, both of those trips only gave us each more inspiration on ways to improve our heaven here in town, Dynasty. Come on down, ye beautiful angels! Ye lords n’ ladies! Ye folks of all creeds! Let us make our own paradise and romp in it freely! 

Pearly gates, Golden gates, n' The Ivy gates of Dynasty,

Jamie & Vanessa 


Tuesday, May 7 | 8pm 
A live podcast created by award-winning comedian Kevin Pollak and his favorite, extraordinarily-talented improvisers: David Koechner, Vanessa Ragland, Joey Greer, Chris Alvarado, Craig Cackowski, and James Heaney.

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Wednesday, May 8 | 8pm 
Helen Crimmins Benefit Show 
An evening of comedy featuring Bobcat Goldthwait, Demetri Martin, Rhea Butcher, Amy Miller, Caitlin Gill, & More! Proceeds from this evening will benefit Helen Crimmins, photographer and widow of the legendary Barry Crimmins, who is bravely battling cancer.

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Thursday, May 9 | 8pm 
Sam Harris — Live Town Hall
A live, worldwide broadcast with neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris


Friday, May 10 | 8pm

Join us for a live taping of Earwolf's Improvised Musical Podcast with Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino. With special guest Briga Heelan (Undateable, Love, and Great News).

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Friday, May 10 | 10pm
A night of variety with comedy, striptease, music, and lots of jokes with New York performers Peter Smith and Sandy Honig with special guests John Early and When Puppets Are Your Only Friends.

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Saturday, May 11 | 7:30pm
An evening of comedy, variety, enchantment, music, and more. Featuring: Open Mike Eagle, Magic by Taylor Hughes, Punkie Johnson, Jackie Kashian, + More!

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Sunday, May 12 | 7pm 
Comedian Sheng Wang helps make you feel better with his stand up routine and a little slideshow of his pictures of plants. Hopefully, you will feel better and leave with a little more mindfulness around plants. Plants, dawg.

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Sunday, May 12 | 9pm 
Free Private Showing Of Your Favorite Dragony Soap Opera On Our Massive-ish Theatre Screen Serving Ale, Dornish Wine, and Giant’s Milk Costumes Encouraged! Bing Games! Death Pool With Prizes!

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Monday, May 13 | 8pm 
An interactive comedy show and epic videogame battle wrapped up into one. Audience members who are chosen by and coached by our comedians will face off to see who will enter the halls of videogame Valhalla and be crowned SuperBoss champion! 

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On his new King of Content Tour, JOE MANDE travels all over America in a heroic attempt to heal a broken nation with his patented mix of humor and content.

Joe Mande is a multi-talented comedian/writer/actor known the world over as Hollywood’s “King of Content.” His Award-Winning Comedy Specialcan be seen on Netflix. His acting has been featured on Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and in the film The Disaster Artist. And his writing credits include The Good Place, Master of None, and Kroll Show.Now is finally your chance to see some of that famous content, live and in person.

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Look at these shimmering angel stars performing on DYNASTY TONIGHT! Special drop in from NICK KROLL! And the arch angels that are Joel Kim Booster’s gams! Gooood lort! Beauty captured by Adrian Aguilar

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Tuesday, May 14 | 8pm

Headlines in Los Angles for the first time ever for ONE NIGHT ONLY! With special guests:  Langston Kerman, Nash Rose, and Will Miles.

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Wednesday, May 15 | 8pm
Headlining set from the comedian/writer behind shows like BROAD CITY and more. 

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