Dynasty Dygest: June 18th

June Moon Darlings
Can you feel it? We are in the wake of last night’s full moon, so if you or a loved one has been extra feral, blame it on that. If you’ve been steady as they come, congrats on your disposition! Must be nice to be stable. Speaking of stables, our stable of shows last week was chock full of priiiiiize ponies! Let us tell you about these hottie trotties! First on the line, master stallion DREW DROEGE came out the gates strong and finished like a champion with the UNIVERSE premiere of his new show, Happy Birthday Doug! It was a triumph. Hilarious, insane, with well-crafted characters that made us howl, groan, and eventually stand up clapping (AKA standing-ovation) BOTH NIGHTS. Drew, you contain multitudes! Thank you for letting us have a peek inside. Our Dynasty Pryde show on Thursday was a rainbow of goodness, with a repeat onstage appearance of MARGARET CHO’s beautiful baby dog LUCIA, a visit from SAM PANCAKE's wheelchair wielding drama-queen crooner Fritzie Zimmer, JOEL KIM BOOSTER giving us terrifying insight into cruise culture, and ERIN FOLEY regaling us with tales of being rebuffed from an octogenarian-buffet and more. Friday night brought out the FRIGHTS with (count ‘em) not one but FOUR horror films! YES, we had four screenings in one night and they were ALL scary. For one night only the Dynasty was a real nightmare factory, but don’t worry, we quickly resumed our dreaminess / fever-dreaminess. Saturday was the sold out UNIVERSE premiere (two UNIVERSE premieres in one week!? Who do we think we are!?) of The Fast and The Furious: The Musical Parody. And if you DON’T like tight harmonies, cardboard muscle cars, hot girls in bald caps and dudes dressed as traffic cones, then YOU ARE NOT OUR PEOPLE. But if you’re merely not SURE if you’d like those things, then you should come and see and you will find out you DO indeed like those things and you will comfortably be back in the territory of being our beloved people. To get back to that horse metaphor that we started and abandoned up at the top of this newsie, this show was a thoroughbred on ‘roids, BULGING with horsepower ( <— that’s a sort of hybrid horse and car joke that doesn’t QUITE check out, and might not even QUITE qualify as a joke, but hopefully conveys the sense of testosterone-drama we intend.)  Sunday Wild, Wild Christian took us all on a trip to the grounds of what was once Rajneeshpuram, but at the time of our tale a different cult had taken over. A Christian summer camp, full of Jesus-y ideas and decidedly non-Jesus-y coming of age hormones. Both cults teach the important lesson: humans be critters
TONIGHT our spirits are high because it’s TEAM COCO Presents Up & Up! MOSES STORM & co always put on the best, most well-produced, high energy show and tonight they’ve got NICK KROLL, DEMETRI MARTINFLULA BORG, BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, NAOMI EKPERIGIN, and SNL’s CHRIS REDD! Get your tickets and get your spirits UP and up!  WEDNESDAY night, it’s the delightful, hilarious, burrito lovin’ BETH STELLING. We’re huge #StellHeads and we’re so excited to see her hour! She’s (as her last album stated) simply the Beth. THURSDAY sneak out of your house and come get HIGH (Diary) with us! It’s a very special edition of LINDSAY AMES’ cringetastic diary reading show featuring JON BASS, JACKIE ZEBROWSKI, SANDY HONIG, AMIR K and more… and high!  And at 10pm we get CREEPY with MICKEY ROURKE in Nightmare Cinema! This screening (screaming!?) is sold out, boos. Let that be a lesson to you! A lesson about getting tickets quickly or suffering the GOMO™. 
FRIDAY makes us wish we’d kept that horse metaphor going because we’d really be hitting the boJackpot right about now. We’re so excited for BoJack Horseman creator and executive producer RAPHAEL BOB-WAKSBERG to come to the Dynasty with his brand new book of stories, Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory! Come hear him read and get the book so you can hear yourself read it too! Then at 10pm we welcome the threesome we fell in love with just weeks ago, NICK KOCHER, DEMI ADEJUYIGBE, and ADDIE WEYRICH in their free-wheeling merrymaking show, Everything’s Great! With special guests SABRINA JALEES, KYLE MOONEY, SANDY HONIG and more! 
Gotta go - the toaster just dinged and that means it’s BAGEL BITES o’clock
Feels like a great time to remind you that, contrary to popular belief, there IS a WAY TO EAT PIZZA ANY TIME. (When it’s on a bagel.) 
Jamie & Vanessa 

Tuesday, June 18  | 8pm
Team Coco presents Up & Up with Moses Storm
An evening of comedy and variety featuring Demetri Martin, Flula Borg, Nick Kroll, Demetri Martin, Billy Wayne Davis, Naomi Ekperigin, Chris Redd, & More!

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Wednesday, June 19 | 8pm
Spend an enchanting evening with comedian Beth Stelling (The Standups, Crashing, I Love YOu America) at Dynasty Typewriter!

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Thursday, June 20 | 8pm
High Diary w/Lindsay Ames
The show where comedians reveal their most private moments publicly - HIGH. Featuring: Brittany Furlan, Jon Bass, Jackie Zebrowski, Sandy Honig, Amir K, and more!

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Thursday, June 20 | 10pm 
Nightmare Cinema
Cranked Up + Shudder present a feature film presented by some of Horrors most legendary directors: Mick Garris, Joe Dante, Alejandro Brugues & Ryuhei Kitamura.


Friday, June 21  | 8pm 
Raphael Bob-Waksberg Book Launch
Skylight Book presents the official launch event for Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory, by Raphael Bob-Waksberg (the creator and executive producer of the Netflix series BoJack Horseman). 

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Friday, June 21  | 10pm 
Everything's Great! with Demi, Nick, & Addie
Nick Kocher, Demi Adejuyigbe, & Addie Weyrich presents a comedy variety show featuring special guests Sabrina Jalees, Kyle Mooney, Sandy Honig, + Danielle Perez!

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Monday, June 24  | 8pm 
Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty), “comptroller” Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway), game master, Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest) present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. 

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Tuesday, June 25th | 8PM
KPCC Presents NANCY — Live! 
BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low share stories and conversations about the LGBTQ experience on their podcast “Nancy”, named a top podcast by Entertainment Weekly and TIME and hailed by Vice as “a gentle investigation into the courage it takes to live outside social norms.”

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SUMMER JUST GOT HOTTER, and more INTENSELY wild! Make way to the Dynasty and get in line to experience a nearly unbearable FEROCITY! BEASTS OF SUMMER... BY DYNAPOP! What ARE the beasts of summer? TURGID GUMMI BEARS! CRISP AND CREAMY CIRCUS ANIMALS! and SOUR GUMMI WORMS that yield ONLY to YOUR predatory teeth. WHERE are the beats of summer?! IN. THE. DYNAPOP. SWIPE. IF YOU DARE. Ask your Dynasty Popperator about Beasts Of Summer Treated Dynapop.

Take a chew on the wild side.
DYNASTY PRYDE Was a delight! A success! A beautiful shimmering group of darlings on the Dynasty stage. Don't believe us? For shame! Click the link and see the ol' puddin proof pictures!  Photos by Adrian Aguilar.

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Wednesday, June 19th
Jena Friedman — Miscarriage of Justice
As America slips into fascism, Jena celebrates free speech while she still has it, in this unapologetic political hour of comedy.

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Wedneday, July 10th
Kyle Dunnigan
Join us for an evening with  Emmy/Peabody and Writer Guild Award winning comedian and writer. 

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