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Happy Dynasty newsletter day to all,

We hope this note finds you well! We wish it could be written on parchment, rolled into a scroll, sealed with wax and delivered by a large clever bird. Alas, we're forced to settle for digital mail delivered by digital “chimp.” MOVING ON. 

You know what can be rough? Life. We love sending you happy silly emails, and we love feeling (1) happy and (2) silly. But lately, truth be told, the weight of the world is nearly impossible to escape. We’ve been having unfortunate conversations like “what is our gun policy?” (answer: no guns!) and while enjoying our own families, thinking about all those who have been separated. While trying to create magical, childlike experiences, there are scores of children who are in the midst of unthinkable trauma at uncaring hands. What do we do with this? As a society? As creatives? As people with hearts? We’ll be voting, we’ll be making calls and sending letters, and we’ll be getting up every day attempting to center our hearts and minds around our mission, which is to do good and make good and help put some positivity in the world. This is not the content you came for! But we just wanted to let you know that we're aware a lot of us are feeling very “what’s the point.”  We’re tying to remember that the point is sometimes absurdity and happiness and escape. The point is opening our doors to great experiences and sharing them with great people. And hopefully all that good stuff can help energize us to work against all that bad stuff, and hopefully Dynasty becomes for many what it already is for us, a place full of love and humor and art and celebrations.

Oh, look!
If you donate more than $100 dollars this week and send us a receipt, we’ll PUT UP A MARQUEE OF YOUR CHOICE!  AND throw in tickets to an upcoming show. And we’ll even split a Lindt with youThat’s right! Give a charity $100 or more, and we’ll do it up big for you. A custom marquee is a great way to: 
  • celebrate something!
  • do a weird joke!
  • taunt a reality TV star that's begging for it!
  • propose?!


The Crossword ShowSHOWS! Last week we had em! Highlights include; The Crossword Show! ZACH SHERWIN’s brain baby is growing up REAL nice. The Crossword Show with special guest MAYIM BIALIK (Blossom has blossomed into a PHD wielding, Big Bang star who is GOOD at crosswords!) and panelists IRENE TU (specialty: three letter words) and CHRIS GARCIA (speciality: potty talk) was the most fun, most impressive, most grin-filled show. If you missed it, do yourself a favor and don’t let THAT happen again. Get tickets for next month’s show now!  Max and Nicky Weinbach put on a great show! Misfit Cabaret brought their bay-area variety show to Dynasty and the stage has never seen more people in nautical gear! We also fell in love with burlesque performer FRANKIE FICTITIOUS who was more like Frankie REAL DEAL with her fan dance!  Saturday we had one of our most successful and fun GO DAYs to date. With BRENT FORRESTER inspiring us, STEVE HELY cracking us up and reminding us of importance of finishing projects, and SASHEER ZAMATA letting us in on productivity secrets and telling us exactly how important she thinks a dead fish’ resting place is. Sunday was a SOLD OUT Let’s Go Atsuko! It was Andy Richterrific! 

Now on to THIS WEEK’s wondersTONIGHT we have a Dynasty debut of The Big Party Variety Hour! Come on down to the Dynasty and get down like it's 1974! Floor show acts, sketches, musical numbers, and of course OUTFITS designed to get you feeling v. groovy. WEDNESDAY at 8pm it’s a personal development parody, Stop Stopping the Unstoppable. Come and take in wisdom and inspiration from Dale Thorhammer (ROSS EVERETT). At 10pm we welcome NY based comedian and star of MSG Network’s series People Talkin’ Sports: SAM MORRILFRIDAY it’s Friday Night Frights at 10pm with a 30th anniversary screening of 1980s horror flick CUTTING CLASS (featuring a young and already beautiful BRAD PITT!) 

SATURDAY! Call your sitters and tell them to get comfy and/or slightly overfeed your pet, because you’re going to want to stay at the Dynasty all night. First up it’s Dynasty Tonight presents CAMERON ESPOSITO. We love presenting her! You love receiving! Match made in heavvvven! and at 10pm it’s The Underculture Presents: Election Cluster*ck 2020 with JAMES ADOMIAN and friends! Bernie! Liz! Kamala! Marianne! Mayor Pete! Biden (contractually)! And more of ‘em! 

Join us for a wild night of political debate, wigs, and unforgettable impressions as they tackle the big questions-- Who can lead us into the future? Who can slay the beast? Will all the candidates fit on the stage at the same time? ALL THAT AND MORE!

We love ya! We believe in ya! We can’t wait for those charity receipts and marquee requests to roll in!

Jamie & Vanessa

Come on down to the Dynasty for a night of comedy, music, and surprises! With the help of our friends at podcasts by Spotify, we’re putting on a show chock full of talent with a carnival flair. Photo ops, corn pops, games, Dyngo (Bingo, Dynasty style.) and seeeecrets that will only make themselves known if you’re there. So be there! Here. You know what we mean. Hosted by BARON VAUGHN and featuring DEMETRI MARTIN, OPEY OLAGBAJU, BETH STELLING, ATSUKO OKATSUKA, music from JOHN ROBERT. PLUS! Delicious delights from Van Leeuwen ice cream!

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Tuesday, August 13th | 8pm 
The Big Party Variety Hour
Floor show acts, sketch comedy, and musical numbers abound in this star-studded event, sure to drum up nostalgia and bring you to your feet.

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Wednesday, August  14th | 8pm
Stop Stopping the Unstoppable
In this parody of personal development seminars  join Success Coach and Transformation Artist "Dale Thorhammer" as he transforms the lives of everyone on earth in his life-altering seminar that unlocks the secrets to help people living a life they love without doing anything at all.

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Wednesday, August  14th | 10pm
Sam Morril
Join us for an evening of comedy with NY based comedian and the star of the MSG Networks series People Talkin’ Sports.

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Friday, August 16 | 10pm 
Friday Night Frights presents CUTTING CLASS
Summer is almost over, which means it is back to school time! What better way to prep than celebrating the 30th anniversary of this underseen slasher flick?

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Saturday, August 17 | 7pm 
Dynasty Tonight! Presents Cameron Esposito
An evening of comedy with  Los Angeles-based standup comic, actor and writer who has appeared on NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, TBS, IFC, E!, Cartoon Network and HBO, and in films featured at the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals.

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Saturday, August 17 | 10pm 
Election Clusterf*ck 2020 w/James Adomian & Friends J
Presented by Underculture Magazine,  20+ Democratic Candidates Face Off in a Raucous Battle of Wits for a shot at the Party Nomination and Historic Glory (or Infamy)!

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Monday, August 19 | 8pm 
Join Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty), “comptroller” Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway), game master, Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest) present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. 

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Oh look! A love letter from a #yingyangtwin! He didn’t have a yelp account but wanted to let the people know what he truly loves: Dynasty Typewriter, 🍿 Dynapop (a lifelong popcorn magazine subscriber!) and of course, the decadent elegance of Lindt premium chocolate from premium chocolatiers. Every love story is a Lindt story. What’s your Lindt story?
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Fresh off her 2018 GRAMMY Award for her album Feel What U Feel and the release of Lullaby Girl, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb will be stopping off at Dynasty as she hits the road throughout the month of August. Lisa says her live shows offer unexpected and varied delights: “I love playing songs from my entire catalogue and telling stories. Every show is different than the last: the audience, the venue, the pre-show snacks – you never know what’s going to happen.

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