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This month always reminds us of the ol’ conversation starter, "If a month falls in the forest and no one sees it, will it ever be fall?” Who knows!? The Dalai Lama maybe/probably? Eh, whatever. We’re enjoying our segue into fall with shows that are both very HOT and verrrry cool.   This last week was a primo example.  Highlights? Glad you asked! Zach Sherwin’s Crossword Show was a masterpiece (as we’ve come to expect!) and we noticed a funny trajectory…🤔 last month he had Blossom, this month was Rachel Bloom… who's next? Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree? They are all synonyms! Ha! (Ok, we’ll leave the wordplay to Zach from now on, and huge shout out to Bing.com for the quick Bud Dupree find!)

On Thursday Pete Holmes was wonderful and weird, and Pete gave a performance Jamie Flam described as “electric." Friday was Joe Mande's sold out show, and in addition to putting on a hell of an hour, he also brought one of the best merch selections we’ve had grace the theater. (Shirts! Lighters! Albums! Condoms? Yep!) Later that night, the BUTT boys brought their usual cheekiness (sorry, we got bit by the flarpin' wordplay bug and it’s still itchin’!) in a show that we were absolutely mooning over.

Saturday we had the joy of another GO DAY! We got to hang out with our community, brag about our new WIRELESS MICS , get inspired by Brent Forrester, get a peek inside Atsuko Okatsuka’s creative process (it’s IMPERATIVE to muse aloud about make out sessions with your local pomeranian) and she taught us some hot choreo! Jamie and Vanessa CAME TO LIFE to the sound of Lizzo’s Juice, and we declared once again, that we are BORN TO DANCE. Jamie Flam described it as “electric." Now to teach our bodies to live up to our purpose. We’ll keep you posted. Then Saturday night, we had Jackie Kashian’s edition of Dynasty Tonight with a killer lineup. Jackie’s long set was amazing (of course! She’s really one of our favs),  the audience was maybe the best ever (sorry other audiences! This one was just so responsive, so present, so… so dang clappy!) and we had a drop in from ZACH GALIFIANAKIS! He set was a treat, and we were even more excited than last time he was here (we were very excited then too) because now we’ve seen and loved all of Baskets. He plays twins in that show, so his star power has DOUBLED! Last night we writhed to the epic musical genius of SNL's Beck Bennett and Gabe Noel. They’ve been working on their music in private for the last 15 years and WHAT AN UNVEILING it was. Lights! Fog! Drones! And a tiiiiiiny little guitar.  Someone described that as "electric."

TONIGHT: At 7pm  we are so very excited to be hanging out with our TEAM COCO friends as they do a table read of their new scripted podcast, Frontier TweenIf you needed more than that title to sell you, (you have problems) here are some amazing things to note: IT’S FREE! (OMG!) And the cast is prettttty good: MARIA BAMFORD! TIM BALTZ! KERRI KENNEY! JEN JACKSON! And more. Yep: it’s got the Three Entertainment F's they teach you about at Hollywood University: FRONTIER material! FREE! and FLARPIN' GREAT CAST. See you tonight, konestoga kids!  But don’t leave once the wagon ride is over, because at 9pm we’re pushing Dynasty out of the past and into the future with JAK KNIGHT and ZACK FOX! There are a fewwww tickets left for this, so grab right now because it will sell out and we TRY to warn you about these things. WEDNESDAY we welcome the delightful MATTEO LANE and we’d wax on about him, but that show is sold out and we don’t want to rub that GOMO™ in too deep. But you should know that TRIXIE MATTEL is opening and  you should never wait to buy tickets again. THURSDAY is DRAG HIS ASS the show that simply refuses to tolerate f*ckboys a moment longer. Hosted by MARY BETH BARONE, guests will share their f*ckboy run ins via stand-up, storytelling, or multimedia presentation. This month’s ass draggers (first time we’ve used that talent category!) include GUY BRANUM, SASHEER ZAMATA, JOEL HIM BOOSTER and more. Come laugh, drag, and heal. 

If you’re into dragging, let that mood drag on riiiight through FRIDAY because at 8pm it’s SAM PANCAKE’s  Hands Above Shoulders: Gay Guys Tell True Tales from the Trenches of Show Biz.  It’s one of those “title says it all” situations, and the lineup is certain to be chock full of stories and real good at telling ‘em. DREW DROEGE! ROZ DREZFALEZ! ARAM KIRAKOSIAN! ALEC MALPA! and DARRYL STEPHENS! Bring your teacups because we have a feeling there will be plenty of the hot stuff to sip. Then at 10pm, do you like America’s Got Talent? Well, regardless of how you answered that question we’ve got a show you might like. It’s America’s Talent… Rejects  They got buzzed n’ booed off stage before they even had a chance to do their thing.  This time, they will have the chance! And you can decide how you feel about that! Hosted by SETHWARD and with a cast you might have seen for a few moments on a little show called America’s Got Talent. Then this weekend CLASS IS IN SESSION! We’re so very excited to have THREE shows with comedian/ youtube celebrity/ public school teacher/ the nicest person we email with, JOE DOMBROWSKI! He’s doing his show Indoor Recess with Mr. D three times… and they’re alllll sold out. Those who can, teach! AND tour and inspire and sell  out  the   theater! Then it’s a Harmontown Monday with special guest DAVE FOLEY. If you haven’t heard the news, Harmontown is wrapping up forever in December, so if you’ve been waiting to come see- wait no more, darlings. Wait no more.

Love, Lindt, n’ genuine LOLs,

Jamie & Vanessa
Tuesday Sept 10th | 7pm
Team Coco presents Frontier Tween ft/ Maria Bamford *FREE*
Come join us for a live table read of the first two episodes and a panel with the cast and creators of a new scripted podcast from Conan O’Brien and Team Coco.

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Tuesday, September 10th | 9pm
Jak Knight w/ Zack Fox

Originally from Seattle, Jak is an LA-based stand-up comic, writer, and actor. He was named a 2014 Comedy Central Comic to Watch and a 2015 New Face at the Montreal JFL Festival.

Wednesday, Sept. 11th | 8pm
Matteo Lane
An evening with multi-talented opera singer/artist turned stand-up comedian. featuring special guests Amber Nelson Trixie Mattel. 

Thursday, Sept  12th | 8pm
Drag His Ass w/Mary Beth Barone
Comedians to share their various experiences with fuckboys in a stand-up, storytelling, and multi-media exploration. Ft. Guy Branum, Nori Reed, Charla Laruiston, Sasheer Zamata, Greta Titelman, and Joel Kim Booster. 

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Friday, Sept 13th | 8pm 
Gay Guys Tell True Tales From the Trenches Of Show Biz. Hosted by Sam Pancake.  Featuring: Drew Droege, Roz Drezfalez, Aram Kirakosian, Alec Mapa and Darryl Stephens.

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Friday, Sept 13th | 10pm 
America's Talent Rejects
They were booed off the stage of America's Got Talent before they even had a chance to do their act. This time in an intimate theatre before a more open -minded audience, these rejects attempt to make it to the next level of your friendship and not be rejected from another theatre.

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Sept 14th + 15th  
Mr D
Comedian and online sensation, Joe "Mr.D" Dombrowski, walks you through the insanity of elementary school teaching with his stand up comedy tour, Indoor Recess.

Monday, Sept 16th | 8pm 
Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty), Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway), game master, Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest) present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. Featuring special guest Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall). 
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Photos from the Saturday Sept 7th edition of Dynasty Tonight, featuring Jackie Kashian, and some of her very good friends: Virginia Jones, Laurie Kilmartin, Kira Soltanovich, Wynter Spears, Janelle James, and Zach Galifianakis.
Photos by Adrian Aguilar. 


Wednesday, October 16th | 8pm

Come listen and celebrate Melissa Villaseñor’s debut music album “Dreamer”! 

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Esther Povitsky Comedy Special
October 1st + 2nd  | 8pm + 10pm 

Comedy Central presents a live taping of Ether Povitsky’s new comedy special.

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