The Ben Stiller Show

What I Learned from Judd Apatow




In anticipation of his Comedy Knowledge Drop, we asked writer/show runner/producer Brent Forrester to recount some lessons learned from working for over twenty years on some of television's most iconic programs, including The Simpsons, The Office, King of The Hill, Late Night With Conan O' Brien, and more. 

Brent Forrester: Judd first hired me as a writer when I was 26. He was only 25 and had co-created a sketch show called “The Ben Stiller Show” with Ben, an unknown 27 year old actor. Why had Fox given them a show. In part it was Judd’s passion. “There is no sketch in prime time!” he said. “This show needs to exist!” In the 20 years since, I have heard Judd shout sentiment many times. He created Freaks and Geeks because there was no realistic comedy about nerds. He produced Bridesmaids because there were no big screen comedies with an all-female cast. Most recently he did “The Big Sick” because there were no mainstream rom-coms with an openly Muslim star. When Judd thinks about what project to work on next, he always asks himself this same question: “What am I not seeing out there, that I wish existed?” When he finds an answer, the passion comes instantly. That passion is infectious, and has been for 20 years. 

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