The Office

What I Learned from Bryan Cranston




In anticipation of his Comedy Knowledge Drop, we asked writer/show runner/producer Brent Forrester to recount some lessons learned from working for over twenty years on some of television's most iconic programs, including The Simpsons, The Office, King of The Hill, Late Night With Conan O' Brien, and more. 

Brent Forrester: In addition to being a great actor, Brian Cranston is an excellent director. I watched him shoot an episode of The Office I wrote (“Work Bus”) and I was blown away by his technique with the actors. He seemed only to compliment them, yet was able to redirect their performance at will. When I commented on his magic touch he shared a secret with me: “Sometimes I compliment an actor on something they haven’t done yet.” When I asked him to elaborate he said: “Like if I want John Krasinski to be thinking about his dead uncle in this next take, I say, John, I love how you were thinking about your dead uncle in that last take. Do that again!” I said, “Doesn’t he know you’re bullshitting him?” He said, “Yup. But as an actor, it feels so good to get direction that way!”

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