Hello Show Producer and welcome to The Dynasty Typewriter Tech Guide/Form! We’re so glad to have you over at this form. Make yourself comfortable.

We are thrilled to share our stage with you! We know it’s your goal to put on the best show possible, and it’s our goal to make those dreams dreamy realities. Below are the main technical aspects of the theater to help you get a clearer understanding of our capabilities. Please read thoroughly and fill out the form in its entirety so we can get your show looking and sounding as enchanting as possible.

Please be sure to look over every section, and complete our tech form at the bottom of the page.



  • Seven (7) handheld Shure SM58s 
    No wireless microphones are available, however if required, you are welcome to rent them for your show

  • 16 Input Digital Snake
    Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake

  • Up to Four Stage Monitors
    2 x Behringer Eurolive F1220D + 2 x QSC K12.2 2KW 75 Active Loudspeaker

  • Four (4) DI boxes 

  • One 3.5mm/RCA to XLR box

  • Four (4) music stands

  • Four (4) regular mic stands

  • Four (4) boom mic stands


  • House Mounted Video Projector  
    Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD <link>

  • Stage Mounted Video Projector
    Epson Pro L1500U Large-Venue Projector <link>

  • Fixed Projector Screen
    Mounted on the back wall of the stage (H 86.5in x L 138.5in) 

  • Movable screen
    Front of Stage (H8.1in x L 14.5in)

  • Three LED front lights, four LED side lights, and eight LED top lights. 

    All of our lights are fixed, however, we can manually adjust them during a tech rehearsal as necessary. Additionally, we can change the colors of all lights and can apply effects (strobe, multi-color, etc.). 

2.In Our Tech BooTH

  • Behringer X32 sound board

  • Dual display Mac

  • ETC ColorSource AV 40 Lighting Console

If you have a presentation or video/audio cues, we can run that from the booth computer. Our techs generally use Keynote, Quicktime, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Slides for shows. If you would like to run the show’s visual cues on your own computer, please make sure you have an HDMI, lightning C, or mini display port. If your computer does not have these ports, please bring the required adapter. If you would like to run the show’s audio cues on your own computer/device, please make sure the device has a standard auxiliary port.


  • Audio Recording: We audio record every show. The standard file is a mono track directly from the board, and we can also provide a multitrack recording of the show. If you would like the recording of your show, please bring a high capacity hard drive or usb with you night of the show so that your files can be taken with you at the end of the night. Due to the large file sizes, files not taken immediately following the show are subject to deletion. 

  • If you have a stage plot, please send as soon as possible to tech@dynastytypewriter.com with the name and date of your event in the subject line of the email. 

  • We build 60-90 minutes of tech time before each show for set-up, sound check and rehearsal. Shows in later time slots with heavy tech requirements will usually need to set something up earlier in the day. Please notify mike@dynastytypewriter.com as soon as possible for scheduling.

  • The Dynasty pre-show experience has been lovingly designed. We carefully curate the playlists in the house, and our pre-show slide show is an important aspect of the evening. We keep our music playing and our slide show going right up until the intro for your show. For many shows, Jamie and Vanessa personally welcome the audience and introduce the main event.



5.Tech Form

Please fill out the form below with your show’s tech requirements:

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