Dynasty Dygest — Oct. 1st

Happpppyyyy Octoberrrr spoooooooky darlings! 

OCTOBER! One of the top three months for sure. (What are your #topthreemonths? Fun party convo starter! Until it gets political. 🙄)  Why is it one of our #topthreemonths? We love the constant candy excuses, the ghost abundance, the group costume dramas, and the opportunity to call everyone a witch. September is great and all (and one of our top 12 months for sureand all due respect if it’s your birthday month) but when you think about it, it doesn’t have a lot going for it. We could go on and on with this sizzling and scathing look at the calendar months, but we’ll stop ourselves before we rip April a new one. Don’t worry, February is safe. We don’t punch down, little guy. 

Last week was a delight and a stunner, Workjuice wow’ed, Kirkman killed, Everything WAS Great, fourth time was a continued charm for The Fast and The Furious musical (sold out AGAIN!) and Sunday we had easily the best 90th birthday party the theater has ever hosted, AND the triumphant stampede of our favorite Wild Horses
This week is already spooooooky! (In October “spoooooky” can mean ANYTHING!  ESTHER POVITSKY is taping her Comedy Central Special TONIGHT and WEDNESDAY night- there are still a few tickets left, so grab them and see the amazing Esther live before you start watching her special on repeat! Getting a ticket to watch it live is… and we can’t believe we’re saying this… better than TiVoing it! Usually we’re allll about TiVoing and living that TiVo life, but THIS is an exception. 

THURSDAY we’ve got SCIENCE! The Show at 8pm, which was voted by Popcorn Magazine as the “coolest and funniest way to learn about science while eating the Best Popcorn on the West Coast, which is called DynaPop.” (Lion Jade, Junior Editor Popcorn Magazine) There will be comedy, science and an experiment done right in front of you! The guest this month is Quantam Physicist Dr. SPIROS MICHALAKIS (Caltech, and the science advisor for Marvel’s ANT MAN!) He must be smart!!! We’re dying to know what his #topthreemonths are! At 10pm we welcome New York darling LIZ MIELE! She’s been doing comedy all over the place; Comedy Central, FOX, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and now… Dynasty! 

FRIDAY we welcome RAJIV SATYAL for his show The Man in The MiddleHe’s going to try and make sense of American politics. Good luck Rajiv, it’s a real shit show. 

SATURDAY is Go Day! Our monthly FREE dose of enchantertainment™ for artists, entrepreneurs, and all human beings.  It starts at 2pm, so join us, and fuel yourself with DynaBrew and inspiration! The coffee wears off, the inspiration lasts UP TO A LIFETIME! (But that tends to wane a bit, so we do Go Day monthly to keep you topped up ;) ) Then we’ve got ourselves what we like to call “A Very Maron Weekend.” Because we have two MARC MARON shows! They are totally SOLD OUT but you can, of course, show up and take your chances and to get on a standby list if you're a real MaronHead. But honestly, if you’re a REAL Maronhead you would’ve gotten those sweet sweet tickets the moment we listed the show. 🤷‍♀️ Sometimes tough truths NEED to be spoken. 

MONDAY is one of the final Harmontowns and there are a very few tickets left. Get them before getting them isn’t even option. 

Have you made your plans for Oct 26th? PERFECT! We made them for you! Scroll down for a big announcement about the next DyanstyLand’stravaganza: Halloween edition! 

What’s your favorite souvenir? 
Jamie & Vanessa
October 1st + 2nd  | 8pm + 10pm 
Esther Povitsky Comedy Special

Comedy Central presents a live taping of Ether Povitsky’s new comedy special. These shows are almost all sold out! Click now to grab last remaining tickets!

Thursday, Oct 3rd | 8pm
Science! The Show

We think science is some of the coolest shit in the world. That’s why we want to bring the scientists right to you to let them speak in their own words. The show’s also really funny. There will be comedy, science, a live experiment done right in front of your eyes, and a Q and A at the end.

Thursday, Oct 3rd | 10pm
Liz Miele
Spend the evening with the New Jersey comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central, FOX, AXS TV, Hulu and NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. 

Friday, Oct. 4th | 8pm
Rajibv Sajiv is…The Man In The Middle 
After breaking down Dating in 2013 and Music in 2017, Cincinnati-Born, Los Angeles-Based Comedian Rajiv Satyal sets his sights on the state of American politics, and through his clever and provocative style, aims to make sense of where we are and what it all means.

Saturday Oct 5th  | 2pm 
Go Day! w/ Brent Forrester, Ramin Nazer, Dan Greaney, + More!
Go Day is Dynasty Typewriter's monthly dose of enchantertainment™ designed to excite and inspire you to GO into your life with gusto!

October 5th + 6th | 8pm 
Marc Maron
Two evenings of enchantment with Marc Maron as he performs his "Hey, There's More Tour" at Dynasty Typewriter. 
Monday, Oct 7th | 8pm 

Dan Harmon, Jeff B. Davis, & Spencer Crittenden present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. Featuring special guest Matt Frederick, Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown

Saturday October 26 | 9:30pm 
Dynastyland Halloween
Join us for an Immersive Multiroom Party Experience. Featuring: Secret Seance, Comedy, & Magic Shows! Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt! Costume Contest! Dyngo! (Bingo) Glow-In-The-Dark Dance Party! Intoxicating Snacks & Boo-verages! And Much Much More!!

yyyooooo! It’s ya boy Marquee Marq wishing you a happy Tuesday! The week's only just begun, but I can hardly wait for the weekend, my favorite recurring holiday lol!!!! Ooooh, yeah I smell the freekin WEEKEND baby! Weekends are so friggin classic. The best time for relaxin’, hittin’ yard sales early (like my auntie linda ALWAYS does! rain or shine Linda’s like “ one man’s trash is my friggin LOOT!” ) hitting up wingstop ( ) and of course... self reflection. Like, we’re moving so fast during the week it’s important to like friggin tap the brakes a little bit and like contemplate where we’re going and why and how and see where we’re like friggin falling short of our potential or overspending our energy and make tweaks as necessary, right? For example, last week Dynasty has this free event and there was free drinks and free DynaPop and it was great and chill and so friggin positive and everyone was having the best time but then this one dude comes up to us askin’ where our water fountain is and we’re like “unfortunately we don’t have one” and he’s getting all mad about it but does he even realize a) this building was built in the friggin 20s and like, it for real doesn’t have a water fountain, we’re not like hiding anything and b) we’re not a public school or park? And he’s spreading his lack of water fountain vitriol throughout the lobby and it’s friggin PALPABLE and we’re trying to be all nice about it because that’s how we are and how we train our whole friggin team to be because of course, ya know? And then he orders a coffee and comes back up to us and says “Am I a dick? Because this coffee is undrinkable.” Listen, if you’re asking anyone if you’re a dick, then you are like definitely a dick, right? or at least like, wildly passive aggressive / aggressive aggressive?! So of course we immediately get him a new coffee (NICE) and ask if it’s better and he’s like “I mean… barely” and…. ok, i notice at this point like the whole friggin staff is transformed, we’re like heavy and clenchy and… that kind of energy is hard to escape! ALL THIS TO SAY, we hope this dude took last week think about his actions and make adjustments to his expectations of others and who it’s fair  it’s fair to be a friggin wreck of a bro to. AND FURTHERMORE we hope he'll will take this weekend to grow up and be respectful and kind, especially to a staff whose very mission is to serve everyone that walks in the door with love and smiles and like invite them into a positivity vibe bath! Anyway! I got all mad and made this marquee to address this wreck of a bro, and wish him like good luck in finding other 100 year old historic 200 seat theaters with working drinking fountains lol. Aiiiight I’m out and FYI this weekend I’m gonna work on my quick draw temper which seems to last just long enough to get this snarky stuff up lol!!! Also gonna work no not dwelling because right now ya boy DWELLS! #marqueemarq
Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened?  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 10 | 7pm
Foil Arms & Hog  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 10 | 9pm
Foil Arms & Hog  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER  11 | 8pm
Cameron Esposito Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 12 | 2pm
Reels From The Crypt —  A 12hr 16mm Horror Movie Marathon Buy Tickets →
OCT 13 | 8pm
Let's Go, Atsuko!  ft/ Lauren Lapkus,  Kulap Vilaysack, + More! Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 14 | 8pm
Harmontown w/Flula Borg  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 15 | 8pm
The Crossword Show  w/ Zach Sherwin ft/  Adam Conover + Janelle James Buy Tickets →
Melissa Villaseñor (SNL) Album Release Party  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 17 | 8pm
Judah Friedlander Future President Tour Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 19 | 10pm
Brett Gelman with special guests 
OCTOBER 18 | 8pm
Eliot Glazer's Haunting Renditions   Buy Tickets →
Felicia Day:  Embrace Your Weird Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 19 | 8pm
Danny Jolles Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 20 | 8pm
Everything’s Great! w/ Nick Kocher,Demi Adejuyigbe, & Addie Weyrich  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 21 | 8pm
Harmontown Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 22 | 8pm
Team Coco’s Up & Up w/ Moses Storm Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 23 | 8pm 
Team Coco’s SuperBoss w/Aaron Bleyaert  Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 24 | 9pm 
RISK! Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 25 | 8pm 
Time Out LA Presents… 
OCTOBER 25 | 10pm
Sarah Squirm’s Helltrap Nightmare Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 26 | 7pm
Dynasty Tonight!
OCTOBER 26 | 9:30pm
Dynastyland Halloween  A multiroom party experience Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 28 | 8pm
Harmontown Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 28 | 8pm
Valentine's Is For Suckers 
OCTOBER 30 | 8pm
Workjuice Improv Buy Tickets →
OCTOBER 31 | 8pm
Halloween Movie Night TBD
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