Dynasty Dygest: Sept 24th


This time next week it will be October and we’ll get to use all the boo jokes and ghost emojis we want! But for now, let’s enjoy the graceful final act of Sweet September. 

Last week was a lovely one 'round these parts, with the triumphant return of Sam Morril (“Still electric!” - Jamie Flam), the staged reading of Men Don’t Whisper that brought out the stars on the stage and in the audience (ooh la la!), a totally a sold out Hollywood Handbook that brought out all those Hollywood Fanbooks, (if that isn’t a thing it should be!) and the Dynasty debut of RISK! with risky stories being told to the delight of the audience. Cameron Esposito’s monthly show was as wonderful as ever, with some new material that made us feel many of the feelings (all the feelings wouldn’t be good to feel, after all, there are MANY feelings that are quite unpleasant and we didn’t experience those!) Fun fact, Cameron had a best friend in high school named Mike Macaluso. We have a Mike Macaluso here too who's our full-time AGM! He's not the SAME Mike, but Cameron and our Mike do have a fun little spark between them. Life! And here’s another fun Macaluso Fact-a-luso: Our Mike was on a game show this week! And he WON! Yes, with the help of Rick Fox and John Michael Higgins, Mike won “25 Words Or Less” a new game show hosted by MEREDITH FREAKIN' VIEIRA that Google says requires the skills of: word associating, bidding, and clue-giving. Uncanny: Those were all listed as Additional Skills on Mike's resume (along with "adept in WordPerfect").

This week we’ve got it all! Book releases! Stand-up!  Improv! Fast and the Furious themed musicals! FILM LEGENDS! Don’t believe us? Heeeere’s the breakdown!

TONIGHT! LAUREN SHIPPEN (creator of The Bright Sessions podcast) has a book release event for her novel, The Infinite Noise, a YA supernatural joint! She’ll be in conversation with BRITTA LUNDIN (writer for RIVERDALE, author of SHIP IT.) If you like books, imagination, celebrations of queer culture, and explorations of empathy, congratulations, THIS is your event! 

WEDNESDAY! Ye ol’ WorkJuicers are back on the clock! If you’re unfamiliar, the gang you fell in love with on THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR went off and started themselves a damn improv troupe, and they come to the Dynasty the last Wednesday of the month. This month PAUL F. TOMPKINS, CRAIG CACKOWSKI, MARK GAGLIARDI, ANNIE SAVAGE, HAL LUBLIN, and LI’L JANET VARNEY take the stage with guest monologist AUTUMN REESER! It’s improv so good someone should write it all down and sell the scripts. WITH THEIR CONSENT!

THURSDAY! Do you like hilarious things!? Congratulations! JEN KIRKMAN will be here with a fresh n’ piping hot hour for you to enjoy. Come! Enjoy! FRIDAY! When they’re here, the name becomes a truism! It’s the always packed, always hilarious, Everything’s Great! A show so powerful it needs three hosts NICK KOCHER, DEMI ADEJUYIGBE and ADDIE WEYRICH to contain it! This month’s special guests (not to take away from the TRUE specialness of the aforementioned hosts) are MITRA JOUHARI, DREW TARVER, CARL TART and DANA DONNELLY!

SATURDAY! Have you seen The Fast and the Furious: A Musical Parody yet? Good news if you have: you can see it again and SING ALONG now that you’re acclimated! Good news if you haven’t: You can see it! And Jamie and Vanessa agree, you don’t need to be familiar with the source material AT ALL to have the best time ever. Other people have agreed, it’s fun to be familiar with the source material! Basically what we’re presenting you with is a series of win-win situations, because we know you are a winner.  We don’t believe in participation trophies, we believe in WINNER TROPHIES FOR EVERYONE. Tough love is incredibly overrated. 

SUNDAY! We are having our very first 90th birthday celebration… nay, celebration is too light a word it’s... Don Murray’s 90th Birthday Extravaganza! DON MURRAY is an actor who has been working on some of the most interesting projects in Hollywood for the last 70 years. As recently as 2017’s TWIN PEAKS return,  and as impossibly legendary as 1956’s Bus Stop, as the romantic lead opposite a lil’ lady named MARILYN MONROE. Add to this little projects like Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Knotts Landing, and honey you got yourself a recipe for a flarpin’ extravaganza. Put together and hosted by bonafide sweetie ERIC EDELSTEIN  (We Bare Bears! Twin Peaks! Shameless!) the event will also feature LEGENDS including TWO Hitchcock blondes! (Reductive term for absolutely killer actors!) TIPPI HEDREN (The Birds! Roar! Are we allowed to talk about Roar!?) and EVA MARIE SAINT (Oscar winner for On The Waterfront! Indelible in North By Northwest!) Plus RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN! You know the guy! We are FLIPPING OUT. Join us, and let your jaw drag along the floor with ours! And then at 8pm, we’ve got a bevy of modern mares in the amazing WILD HORSES!  It’s longform improv from a slew of slayers: STEPHANIE ALLYNNE, MARY HOLLAND, LAUREN LAPKUS, ERIN WHITEHEAD and special guest, LEISHA HAILEY (The L word!) We take our horses like we take our jokers honey, wild wild wild!

MONDAY! It’s one of the final HARMONTOWN shows and the special guest is MITCH HURWITZ creator of Arrested Development (and EP of Lady Dynamite! And a ton of other things!) so pull on your jean shorts and call up your fellow never-nudes, party in H-town whilst ye can!

In other news, Jamie and Vanessa had a creative summit last week in Lake Arrowhead. We discovered that: A-frames are the best type of architecture, the Thomas Kinkade puzzle we brought wasn’t very satisfying, classic taco flavored Doritos live up to the hype (if there was any hype), Season 2 of Fargo is as good on second viewing, and ONE of us doesn’t have panic attacks while driving up mountains! (Guesses welcome, the truth withheld.) We had some dedicated time to focus on big-picture creative endeavors for the theater, and we’re so excited to share what we’ve been dreaming of and creating google docs about for years. But also we came up with the concept of being LINDTCEPTED (when your Lindt story is being asked what your Lindt story is) and creating a chocolate-centric area of the theater called the Lindt Trap (like The Parent Trap but with chocolate).

More like A+ frame,

Jamie and Vanessa
Tuesday Sept 24th | 8pm
Lauren Shippen Book Release 
The creator of the beloved and award-winning podcast The Bright Sessions is hosting a party to celebrate her new novel, The Infinite Noise. The event is presented by Skylight Books and will feature a conversation with Britta Lundin. 

Wednesday, September 25th | 8pm
WorkJuice Improv ft. Autumn Reeser

The improvisors from the cast of the legendary Thrilling Adventure Hour throw the scripts aside for an evening of improv! With Special Guest Autumn Reeser!

Thursday, Sept 26th | 8pm 
Jen Kirkman
Comedian Jen Kirkman is doing an hour of stand-up that you haven’t seen on Netflix! You know Jen from her critically acclaimed Netflix specials “I’m Gonna Die Alone” and “Just Keep Livin’?”  and as a writer on the Amazon show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Friday, Sept. 27th | 8pm
Everything's Great!
A monthly comedy event hosted by Nick Kocher, Demi Adejuyigbe, & Addie Weyrich. With Very Special Guests: Mitra Jouhari, Drew Tarver, Carl Tart, and Dana Donnelly.

Saturday Sept 28th  | 8pm 
The Fast and the Furious: A Musical Parody
Come watch your favorite car-driving gang members battle their greatest foe yet-- singing and dancing at the same time.

Sunday, Sept 29th | 5pm 
The Don Murray 90th Birthday Extravaganza 
A one of a kind night starring Don Murray and a cavalcade of Hollywood royalty. Guests will range from his Oscar nominated work in the 1950’s to last year's Twin Peaks: The Return, and every bit of his groundbreaking work in between.
Sunday, Sept 29th | 8pm 
Wild Horses ft Leisha Hailey
Spend the evening with the legendary long form improv team consisting of Stephanie Allynne, Mary Holland, Lauren Lapkus and Erin Whitehead plus special guest Leisha Hailey.  

Monday, Sept 30th | 8pm 
Harmontown ft Mitch Hurwitz 

Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty), Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway), game master, Spencer Crittenden (HarmonQuest) present their wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience. Featuring special guest Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development).
October 1st + 2nd  | 8pm + 10pm 
Esther Povitsky Comedy Special

Comedy Central presents a live taping of Ether Povitsky’s new comedy special.

Saturday October 19 | 8pm 
Esther Povitsky Comedy Special
Danny Jolles Talks for About an Hour (Plus Cooler Friends Talk Before)

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