DT Etiquette

DT Moat Etiquette


Every week, we're receiving literally dozens of requests from talent and producers looking to bring new shows to our theater.  An overwhelming and literal 31 percent of them have been asking about our moat policy: Can they build one? How deep? Predatory amphibians and/or fish: y or n?  Do we provide drawbridge? Will we promote-moat on our social media or does that responsibility fall on the show producer? Why does castle have a T in it? Does our insurance cover moats? WE COULD GO ON... so, we will. Why limit ourselves in our own newsletter!?  Must they chlorinate the moat water? How long can NON-chlorinated moat water be stagnant w/o attracting mosquitos? Can goats swim well enough for a goat-moat to be plausible? Goat shit in the moat: how to handle?  Motorboats in the moat? Boats in GENERAL in the moat? 

You asked, we answer. Our MOAT ETIQUETTE is probably the same as yer grammy's. "No deeper than 1 foot.Chlorinated. NO GOATS. 1 alligator w/ exotic animal license and proper onsite wrangler. YOU provide moat insurance, you promote-moat (promoat)? You can hear the "T" in castle if you're listening. Have fun!"