We hope your past week was full of all the things that make you feel like the child of star-stuff that you ARE, honeys! If that’s coming on too strong for a Tuesday we don’t want to come on the correct amount. Last week was a real grab bag of goodies ranging from KYLE AYERS' Never Seen It LIVE podcast, Kiwi Kween ROSE MATAFEO’S Horndog, ATC presents with special guest CHELSEA PERETTI and… the crowing jewel of a beautiful week, our huge Valentine’s Soiree! We won’t bore you with all the details, but we will take this opportunity to gently remind you that all DynastyLand™ events are certified gold-level GOMO®. (GOMO, for the few who might need a reminder is the GUARANTEE of missing out.) Short summary: there was dancing, Dyngo, smooching, raging, typing, drinking, and meaningful interactions with a gigantic psychic bird

In other notable news, we’d be remiss not to mention the truly stellar execution of The 2019 All-Star Curmudgeon Run. Didn’t know we’d been in a Curmudgeon Run, then honey you haven’t been paying attention! (It’s ok, we sort of realized it in hindsight also) Over the past 10 days these surly so-n-so’s fought their natural dispositions and brought joy to the Dynasty time and again, so give it up for ANDY KINDLER! MARC MARON! DAN HARMON!and a double serving of EDDIE PEPITONE! Eddie WON This Year’s All-Star Curmudgeon Run (everyone else is also a winner though, don’t worry!) with his live special tapings on Saturday night. We were so thrilled to host the recording of Eddie’s new special, and let us tell you YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. Amazingly hilarious, absurd, silly, smart, poignant, and the stage looked soooooo good. Also, Eddie was GLOWING. If you’ve never seen him glow, let us just warn you, it’s flarpin’ cute

Finally we’re onto THIS WEEK! Oh gosh, we don’t usually spend so many blurbs on the past, but it was a great past, so, you get it. SO TONIGHT we’re very jazzed for Team Coco’s Up & Up with the impossibly perfect host MOSES STORM! He’ll be joined by FLULA BORGTAYLOR TOMLINSONTIM DILLONNICOLE BYER! and moooore! Then WEDNESDAYget your grub ears on as the country’s #1 food podcast comes to LA for the first time! We’re so excited to have DAN PASHMAN’SPORKFUL! With special guest, actor and taco king DANNY TREJO! As if you needed another reason to come, every attendee will get a free empanada! (Just typing that made us feel like flarpin' Oprah!) Afterwards we’ve got CAT COHEN which we’d love for you to see but, congratulations and condolences, it’s SOLD OUT

THURSDAY we welcome the wonderful folks of WORKJUICE IMPROVPAUL F. TOMPKINS and company welcome special guest BUSY PHILLIPS joining their already impeccable ranks as guest monologist. And afterwards, the ball of fire with the voice of an animated rainbow, CHRISTI CHIELLO brings her solo show, IT’S CHRISTI, B*TCH to the best coast. FRIDAY’s were made for parties, and SASHEER ZAMATA is made to answer prayers. It’s SASHEER ZAMATA PARTY TIME! This edition with ESTHER POVITSKYGIULIA ROZZI, DJ BREEZYEZ and moooore! And since your Esther’tite will already be whetted, why not stick around for more? That’s right, it’s ya girl ESTHER POVITSKY at 10pm! SATURDAYTHE LUCAS BROTHERS a WILL TO BELIEVE - the premiere of their brand new hour of comedy. We CAN’T WAIT. Oh, AND the show will include performances from a buncha babes: BYRON BOWERSQUINTA BRUNSONBRANDON WARDELLROSEBUD BAKERMOOKIE THOMPSON, and BLAKE WEBBER

SUNDAY we’ve got another date with the man, the myth, the MARON (sold out!) then MONDAY is HARMONTOWN… then… OMG, our HANNAH GADSBY RUN BEGINS!!! AHHHHH!

Photo Recap: Dynastyland™ Valentine's Party

GOMO™ ALERT!: On February 14th DYNASTYLAND™ presented an evening of enchantertainment™ for lighthearted lovers and loners alike! Take a look!
DynastyLand™ events fling open the curtains of The Dynasty, expanding your experience from audience member to main attraction. Our entire space becomes yours to explore, filled with treasures, delights, performances, and surprises.

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This Week At Dynasty: Frank is bringing JEFF GARLIN over tonight! + 💐YOUR VALENTINE'S DAY SOLUTION! 💟 + CAMERON ESPOSITO! + TABLOID FODDER!👹


Ohhh flarp, it’s the end of January already!? Hopefully you stuck to or outgrew your resolutions and are ready for that sweet shortie of a month that is February (Whaddup Lil’ Febz!) January kicked the year off right, with thrilling shows and show announcements (Ilana GlazerAdam SandlerHannah Gadsby coming soon!) and we’ll be giving Lady Jan a proper send off this week! Last week was amazing, with Sandler’s three night run — which brought BRAD PITT in the building (and got us in the tabloids! We’re so sordid!)— Eric Andre dropping into the Major Entertainer show, a FYRE festsponsored Dynasty Tonight (complete with kobe beef deluxe bologna sandwiches!) and Let’s Go Atsuko’s one year anniversary show! 

TONIGHT we have an hour with  KYLE KINANE featuring DAVE STONE! Followed by an event we are so excited for… FRANK IS COMING HOME! Our dear darling FRANCIS CRONIN will arrive at the Dynasty for a 10pm show, ending his 500 mile walk from San Francisco to Los Angeles and he’s putting on a SHOW honey! Grab your tickets now and do all the good things at once: support Frank’s home coming, know that proceeds are going to Homeless Health Care LA, AND see JEFF GARLINPREACHER LAWSON, and MOSES STORM! Now THAT’S a Classic Dynasty TripleWin™ Situation.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT will be fun right? Yes, AND it’s all improv, babyyyy! WORKJUICE PLAYERS are back, and from now on you can expect the last Wednesday of the month to be Workjuice Wednesday*! We’re thrilled to be their new home, because who wouldn’t want more of CRAIG CACKOWSKIMARC EVAN JACKSON, PAUL F. TOMPKINSHAL LUBLINANNIE SAVAGE, LITTLE JANET VARNEY and the likes?! Then at 10pm THE UNDERSTUDIES will be putting on a two man three act play... that they make up as they go. Wizardry! 

THURSDAY is Kyle Ayer’s intense compliment contest, BOAST RATTLE, featuring sweetie showdowns between the LUCAS BROTHERS, MO WELCHBLAIR SOCCIMAGGIE MAYEDANIEL WEBB and more. Get ringside seats to the lovefest! 10PM is BRI GIGER’s one woman show based on voicemails, in the tradition of the classics.

FRIDAY is the first day of February, and the lovefest begins with When Puppets are your Only Friends! Featuring comedy, variety, and of course puppets (including some original Bob Baker marionettes!)

SATURDAY, come on over at 2pm for another GO DAY, a totally FREE monthly dose of enchantertainment designed to excite and inspire you. Saturday night we’ll be treated to an hour with CAMERON ESPOSITO and then the Tomorrow Show.

SUNDAY EVENING it’s INARA GEORGE (The Bird and The Bee) presents ELENI MANDELL’s Song Club, so don’t miss your chance to hear amazing musicians debut their work at the Dynasty. MONDAY brings back the Harmontown gang- now with a La Fonda happy hour next door! Make a night of it, darlings. 

We hope to see you here very soon and very frequently. 
when it’s on a Thursday, because rules were made to be broken, but only very rarely. 



We certainly can’t speak for the world as a whole, but we can say with certainty that 2018 was an amazing year for Dynasty. It was our first year in business, and it was a whirlwind of surprises, delights, and amazing occasions. We wanted to make a short list of our favorite moments, but quickly realized that this year has provided enough material for a lifetime of scrapbooks. Instead of just a few highlights, we’ve broken our Dy-Lights™ into categories chock full o’ wonder. And STILL many wonderful happenings, folks, and snackspiriments™ were omitted. May the curse of too many blessings reign forever!

Ridiculous Residencies

From Left to Right: Adam Sandler, Ilana Glazer, Eddie Izzard.

From Left to Right: Adam Sandler, Ilana Glazer, Eddie Izzard.

One night with these luminaries would have been a dream come true.  That they set up shop at the Dynasty for extended runs was a rare,"dream-come-WOOOO!!” situation. Highlights included: Ilana Glazer, Adam Sandler, Eddie Izzard,  Brett Gelman, Hidden Fences, Brent Forrester’s Comedy Knowledge Drop, Dead Pilots Society, WorkJuice Improv, and so many more!

Special Guests & Drop-InS

From Left to Right: John C Reilly, Conan O’Brien + Moses Storm, Sarah Silverman.

From Left to Right: John C Reilly, Conan O’Brien + Moses Storm, Sarah Silverman.

Come for the guaranteed good time, the amazing announced talent, and the candy-treated popcorn. STAY for the inevitable surprises! Our drop-ins and surprise guests have truly been the icing on a cake made of icing. And there’s nothing more fun than the look and sound of an audience when they find out their night is about to take an unexpected turn for the unforgettable.  Highlights included: Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Burress, John C. Reilly, Conan O’Brien, Judd Apatow, Pete Holmes, Bob Odenkirk, Nick Kroll, Adam Sandler, Adam Conover, Phil Rosenthal, Danny Trejo, Niki Nakayama, Zach Galifianaikis, Whitney Cummings, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCullough, Georgia Hardstark, Chelsea Peretti, Melissa Villaseñor, Bill Burr, and so many more!

Tentpole Talent

From Left to Right: Maria Bamford, Rory Scovel, Marc Maron.

From Left to Right: Maria Bamford, Rory Scovel, Marc Maron.

If you’d shown us this list a year ago, we would’ve sworn we were looking at our dream board. Instead, we got to see these huge talents on our dream stage IN REAL LIFE. Here’s just a smattering of the folks who delighted our Dynasty with headlining sets and shows. Highlights included: Maria Bamford, Rory Scovel, Guy Branum, Judah Friedlander, Todd Barry, Matt Braunger, Julio Torres, Marc Maron, Langston Kerman, Chris Fairbanks, Nate Craig, Baratunde Thurston, Mamrie Hart, Steve Agee, and so many more!

Podcasts A’Plenty!

From Left to Right: Off Book, Harmontown, Chris Gethard.

From Left to Right: Off Book, Harmontown, Chris Gethard.

If you’d told us 10 years ago we’d have been home to these podcasts, we’d say, “What’s a podcast?” If you’d told us LAST year, we’d say “weeeeee!” It was a thrill being present as episodes of our favorite shows were recorded in the theater, and it’s wonderful to know they’re out in the world (AND SPACE! That’s how podcasts work!) and people/aliens everywhere are hearing the dulcet tones of a Dynasty audience’s laughter. Highlights included: Harmontown, Hollywood Handbook, The Legacy Music Hour 200th Episode, Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Anonymous, Lovett or Leave It, I'm Too Effing High, Off Book, History of Stand-up, Bubble, Who Shot Ya?, Not Too Deep Grace Helbig, and so many more!

Versatile Variety

From Left to Right: Neil Hamburger, Bob Baker Marionettes, Jinkx Monsoon.

From Left to Right: Neil Hamburger, Bob Baker Marionettes, Jinkx Monsoon.

We don’t want to be a one-trick pony. We want to be a thousand trick pony who wasn’t trained to perform, but instead was BORN to perform and taught themselves all 1000 tricks and performs them at their own will, for an audience drawn to their magnetism. Is that so much to ask? We don’t think so either. And we have been thrilled to watch all sorts of performances light up the Dynasty stage. Drag queens, magic, puppets, juggling, characters, we’ve been wowed by so many people at the top of their craft. Highlights included: Chris Ruggiero, Magic by Simone, Bob Baker Marionettes, Derek Hughes, Scot Nery, Puppet Dynasty, Neil Hamburger, Jinkx Monoon & Major Scales, Liz Hara, Game Show in A Can, Divas of Dynasty: Jasmine Masters, Pandora Boxx, Vancie Vega, Sky & Nancy Collins, Pam Severns, and so many more!

Masterful Music

From Left to Right: Titanique, The La Fonda Mariachis, Craig Robinson.

From Left to Right: Titanique, The La Fonda Mariachis, Craig Robinson.

“The only thing sweeter than the sound of laughter, is the sound of some really good sounding music.” - PeePaw Dynasty.

Music WORKS in the theater, and we can’t wait for more of it. We’ve already had so many amazing musicians here, from acoustic solo artists, to beat battles, to 16 piece orchestras, it’s been unbelievable to sit in the theater as it’s filled by the magic of live music. Highlights included: Beat Cinema Beat Battle, Open Mike Eagle, Frank Fairfield, Track IX, Reggie Watts, Tal Wilkenfeld, Lisa Loeb, Garfunkel & Oates, Craig Robinson, Brittain Ashford & Prairie Empire, Jon Daly, Nick Thorburn, Zach Sherwin, Jackie Tohn, Titaniqúe, MainMan Band, The Point with Tim Heidecker and Ron Lynch, and so many more!

Spectacular Screenings

From Left to Right: Secret 16 Horror Movie Marathon (Photos by  Mark Berry )

From Left to Right: Secret 16 Horror Movie Marathon (Photos by Mark Berry)

We realized one of the BEST things to pair with World Famous DynaPop is films (aka movies)! And once we popped… we just couldn’t stop. Here are some of the things that graced the Dynasty screen this year! Some our our favorite screenings included: Video Munch, Tammy & The T Rex, Everything is Terrible, HBO Preview of Barry, Three Amigos, Scrooged, Most Likely To Murder, Black Dynamite, Black Sheep, Dirty Looks, Horror Film Festival, Dress Up Gang Premiere, Doug Loves Movies: SuperTroopers, and so many more!

The Dawn Of Our Dynasty

From Left to Right: Patton Oswalt, Ron Funches, Margaret Cho.

From Left to Right: Patton Oswalt, Ron Funches, Margaret Cho.

Our in-house produced shows this year were joys to bring to life. We got to have ideas… and then make them real things, featuring REAL PEOPLE! From gold-rush themed shows to cocoa fueled comedy and raps to recordings, it’s been amazing to get to do the stuff we dream up with the people we dream of! Highlights included: Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho, Todd Glass, Dulcé Sloan, Whitney Cummings, Kevin Pollak, Bobcat Goldthwait, Ian Harvie, Nicole Byer, Moshe Kasher, Dana Gould, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Groundhog Night, Politicon, Cameron Esposito, Go Day, Gold Rush! Cozy Night! Dynasty Tonight!, The Dynasty ProtoTypecast StreamStream, Matt McCarthy, Ian Abramson, Chris Walsh, The Dynasty Intern Dancers, ACK! Amateur Competitive Karaoke, Keep Kora in The USA!, The Space for Grace, Laura House, and so many more!

Our People

From Left to Right: Frank + Vicki Flam, Our Beautiful Audience, Dynasty at Politicon.

From Left to Right: Frank + Vicki Flam, Our Beautiful Audience, Dynasty at Politicon.

Far more than a physical space, we’ve always dreamed of creating a way to bring people together to celebrate the good stuff of life with the good folks of life. The first year has been incredible, and if we didn’t believe in The Universe and magic and enchantment before (but shhhh… we did) we sure as flarp do now. We have met the most amazing people on stage, in the audience, and our own hard working team (who seemed to come to us by magic!)  and we’ve gotten to use the theater as a space for huge moments in life, from the professional to the personal. We’re grateful to everyone who has trusted and given their heart to Dynasty. 

Finally, a huge shout to Popcorn Weekly for naming our signature Dyna-Pop™ “the best popcorn on the West Coast.” In 2019, Dyna-Pop™ is going GLOBAL.

Photo Credits: Troy Conrad or Adrian Aguilar (unless otherwise stated)

Photo Recap: Vintage Basement with Max & Nicky

Vintage Basement is a neo-retro night of stand-up comedy and music produced by From New York-based twin brothers Max and Nicky Weinbach. This edition featured headliners Sarah Silverman  (I Love You, America, The Sarah Silverman Program), Todd Glass (The Todd Glass ShowConan), Brent Weinbach (Gangster Party LinePound House), Kate Berlant (Netflix Presents: The CharactersSorry to Bother You), and Fahim Anwar (Late Night w/ Seth MeyersGoatface)!

Photography by Adrian Aguilar