Atsuko Okatsuka's Favorite Japanese Game Show

Thrills! Chills! Human Tetris! In anticipation of her upcoming event at Dynasty Typewriter, we asked comedian Atsuko Okatsuka to share some of her top Japanese Game show moments with us. 

Atsuko hosts Let’s Go Atsuko! A night of interactive games, videos, comedy, and discussion from a panel of notable comedians, political thinkers, and public figures. It’s like a Japanese game show, but woke! This month’s edition features: Aparna Nancherla! Eliza Skinner! Clayton Farris! Carl Tart! Kevin Yee! Jena Friedman! And hopefully weird videos from Atsuko’s grandmother!

Shirley Rosenberg is 100% Fresh


Shhhh! Can you hear that soft, yet intense, fluttering? No, it’s not a swarm of moths approaching, it’s the muted applause made by the slow and tender hands of scores of nonagenarians as a closeup lands on their stunning peer, Shirley Rosenberg.Yes, THAT Shirley Rosenberg. Fountain View Retirement Community’s darling finally got her big break! Titled “ADAM SANDLER: 100 % Fresh  Shirley created an amazing vehicle for herself, yet was generous enough to give nearly all the screen time to her comedic foil, one Mister Adam Sandler. The special (which premieres today on Netflix) was shot at venues all over the country, including five night’s worth of footage from Adam’s shows at Dynasty Typewriter. Way to go Shirley!

Also worth noting, Shirley is Jamie Flam’s grandmother. Also ALSO worth noting, DO check out Adam’s amazing special, 30% of which (estimate!) was shot at the theater. Adam’s shows and the related production were one of the first huge things that happened here, and we’ll never forget the excitement of the crews, the sold out and blissed out crowds, witnessing the transformations his team created for our stage, and Adam's truly inspiring hilarity, kindness, and work ethic.

Congrats To The Emmy Winners



The Creative Arts Emmys were this weekend, and the Dynasty Darlings are jumping for joy that some of our creative sweeties have been recognized by the world as the glittering jewels they are! We are so grateful to be part of an amazing community that looks really good in formal wear. Look at the Dynasty-adjacent loves who were recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts:

  •  Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty Won Outstanding Animated Program!

  • Chris Reddis (who was just slayin' here on Saturday) took home the Outstanding
    Original Music And Lyrics Emmy for the instant classic Come Back Barack! (also, Come Back Barack FOR REAL!)

  • Our Team Coco LOVES Ruthie Wyatt and Aaron Bleyart won the Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media Within an Unscripted Program award for "Conan Without Borders" and took the stage looking sooooo good! 

  • One of the first large events we hosted was a private viewing party for HBO's Barry and we were delighted to see their team snagged an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series!  The hit man's a HIT, man!

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home 3 Creative Arts Emmys! (Mr. Kevin Pollack has the Midas touch!).

  • And huge congrats to our landlord, Jenji Kohan and the team behind Glow for their two creative arts Emmys, including a historic win for Shauna Duggins-  the first woman to win for stunt coordination!

Fictional Roast, Raised By TV, Labour Day Party, + More!



We had a great time on Saturday night hosting our new stand-up show Dynasty Tonight! and using TECHNOLOGY to take the audience and our performers  on some adventures to magical places, courtesy of our fancy new projector.

📺 Raised By TV delivered enough TV nostalgia to turn anyone from couch potato to hot potato. Also huge thanks to Jon Gabrus for wearing those pajamas. 🇺🇸

🔥Harry Potter got (fictional) Roasted and we loved it! Also, Jamie got his first taste of the enthusiasm of Potterheads... and his appetite is whetted. After a quick Google, he's been diagnosed a Hufflepuff! And in other happily combative news, Langston Kerman won the Boast Rattle! Solid gold sweetie! 
ite here…

We learned that sometimes magical places can quickly turn into fiery hellscapes. Example: an audience member wanted to be beside a beautiful (dormant) volcano in tropical Bali... Jamie accidentally pulled up a terrifying montage of exploding volcanos, and Helen Hong performed in front of it like she was headlining the apocalypse.

In other happily combative news, Langston Kerman won the Boast Rattle! Solid gold sweetie!

Monday we got to celebrate Labor Day with the theater's first potluck c/o The Voyager Institute & Vidiot's annual 5 Minute Game, a tradition we hope will come back year after year because it was seriously the most fun ever.


Sasheer Zamata, Ken Marino, Conan O'Brien, and more!



👑Sasheer Zamata Party Time was the fire emoji (🔥.) The theater was filled with great vibes, great comedy, great music, and basically we all just left feeling 100 x cooler by association.  See the full photo album here. 

📓Hollywood Handbook was SOLD OUT... but our marquee didn't state it clearly, which resulted in one of our own, the infamous Francis Cronin, being pulled up on stage and lightly bullied. He handled it like a champ. The marquee was fixed. And THAT'S the Dynasty Difference. 

🎹👻Haunting Renditions gave us an evening of delights, eerily beautiful takes on some truly bad songs. And the ultimate spooky moment was Ken Marino's duet performance of Baby Grand with... himself. He didn't miss a note ya'll! 

💛Team Coco made us COO-COO with an insanely wonderful Up & Up featuring a really promising up and comer named CONAN O'BRIEN! He did 10 minutes of hilarious, relaxed, amazing comedy that only reinforced what a gem he is. 

Dy-Lites: August 14th to 21st


A weekly recap of some of our favourite moments from Dynasty Typewriter, as captured on instagram @dynastytypewriter. 

🎩Justin Willman's live show & screening of his new Netflix series Magic For Humans was... you guessed it, magical. Binge the series! 

🍕Saturday's Dynasty Tonight show was a full-on party with a stellar lineup including the last minute addition of the amazing Demetri Martin, and an insane POP-IN from Eric Andre. AND we treated the audience to an intermission #SLICETHENIGHT pizza party!

⚔Monday mayhem served up by episode 300 of Harmontown with epic guests includingKumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon!

📒Lindsay Ames' My Diary show was a SOLD OUT delight! If you thought you couldn't love Kyle Mooney more, you'd be wrong. You'd have fallen desperately further into his abyss after watching him play a conscious hip-hop song he wrote for his high school ex-girlfriend (who he brought up on stage.)  


🔥Sunday's "We're Doing This!" with Mitchell Marchand & Renee Gauthier was so lit we ended up in the gossip rags! 

Like a BOSSSSSS! Conan stopped by to check up on Team Coco's monthly comedy extravaganza Up & Up with Moses Storm and was so chuffed he decided to do a surprise 15 minute set. 

Staff Picks


We love our staff. If you've been here, you probably do too! We sent an email requesting they send us a picture of their "favorite thing and no more than 8 words why." We expected intimate images that helped us better understand our team as people. What we got? Mostly pictures of food. 

  1.  "I love my family, my friends and bacon." - FRANK CRONIN
  2. "Pizza: Baked. Greasy. Delicious. Just like me." - CHRIS GRANADOS
  4. "Ya bois favorite thing is my first guitar. After ten years I still play it everyday." - ADRIAN AGUILAR (Who flagrantly defied the 8 word request and for some reason texted his response instead of using the email thread?) 
  5. The one saving grace was the only woman on staff who replied to the email. Why didn't the other women reply? We don't know.  "He’s 100% a good boy, 10/10. Juice!" - RACHEL BURNSTEIN 



This past Saturday's Gold Rush was one heck of a show for many reasons! 

1) Minutes after a Twitter ask, we had some true DynastyDarlings pull through with real TUMBLEWEEDS for our stage. From Victorville. AND they've been blown & shellacked to perfection. See these bumblin' beauts for yourself at the upcoming Gold Rush!  
2) Our lost and found auction was.. how do you say.... "lit AF."  Golden sparkle shoes? Moto jackets! Mock turtlenecks? Sunglasses! Some of these items went for upwards of 17 dollars in a BIDDING FRENZY. The last time we've felt this inspired about our direction was when we got the popcorn machine! So yes. We're becoming an auction house. If you have anything you want to get rid of (props, clothes, knick knacks or paddywacks) contactus or just bring your goods to the theater, and we'll put 'em in our Bumblers Box™. Next auction at this Saturday's Gold Rush! 

Announcing The Prototype


Oh goodness! We’ve had such a wild n’ wonderful 5 months, and we truly thank you for being a part of it. Ah, the shows we’ve hosted, friends we’ve made, lessons we learned… yes, the soft-opening has been firmly a success in our minds. And now, it is with great delight we announce,The ProtoType, our first official season of entertainment featuring screenings, comedy headliners such as Maria Bamford and Eugene Mirman, theatrical experiences such as NY’s Hidden Fences, musical events including Haunting Renditions and Titanique, and an ongoing weekly residency for Dan Harmon's wildly popular podcast HarmonTown.

As for the name of the season, “The ProtoType” is what we call a "double nod" (or DubNod™.) One nod to the continuation our venue’s soft opening, since it’s a prototype of our programming direction. The other nod is towards Dynasty’s imaginary past as a typewriter company. “The ProtoType by Dynasty” was one of the first typewriter models by Dynasty Typewriter, so really, it all makes perfect sense. If it doesn’t make sense to you, you can tuck it into the “eh, not for me” bin, and still enjoy everything else the theatre has to offer. “Like what!?” you say, exasperated with this email. Like this:

Running from June-Sept 15th, the ProtoType season boasts a diverse roster of entertainment. Headliners include comedians Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, and Eugene Mirman. Theatrical performances include the LA premiere of Jordan Temple’s comedic mashup Hidden Fences, and an encore performance of the amazing musical shit show Titanique (if you missed it last time, condolences. Don’t let it happen again!) Live podcasts from Grace Helbig (Not Too Deep) and Dan Harmon (HarmonTown). Highly produced variety shows including Sasheer Zamata Party Time, more of Team Coco’s Up&Up with Moses Storm, and Andy Kindler's Particular Show. Charity and social action benefits including Action Civics LA with Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Fred Armisen, and Nathan Fielder, and instructional edutainment workshops like Brent Forrester’s Comedy Knowledge Drop. You like improv? Then you’ll love WorkJuice with comedic luminaries Paul F .Tompkins, Janet Varney, and Marc Evan Jackson. One-of-a kind cultural happenings like the opening night of Dirty Looks: On Location Film Festival, and a weekend of “Thrilling Fest” from the creators of cult-favorite Thrilling Adventure Hour. Audiences can also expect more additions to the schedule, drop-ins and surprises, as well as a series of signature events produced by the in-house team.