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Dear Darlings,

We’re marching along at a quick clip here lately! The days are flying by, and we like things that fly. Like all the dang butter flutters trafficking up the Los Angeles sky lately <— topical! Oooh!  Last week’s March brought us Andy Zaltzman & his British podcast sensation The Bugle, made even MORE international by an Australian Skype sesh. Julio Torres' My Favorite Shapes had a triumphant sold-out return, proving that shape humor is timeless. Last week proved that Zach Sherwin’s Crossword show is legit down and across THE BEST SHOW. If you missed it, we found out in addition to being lovable, talented, and delightful, Pete Holmes and Lisa Loeb are also for-real smart. Must feel good to have it all! Sure feels good watching it! 

Speaking of watchin': Friday we were treated to Time Out LA’s Comics to Watch and oooh, honeys we loved it. Packed house with mostly new faces (Hey Time Out readers, you cute!) and a great lineup of truly talented people, with a big finish provided by Natalie Palamides' indelible Nate, spraying the audience with La Croix and other imagined fluids. Saturday was… just so LA. Sorry for saying that, but it truly was. We had the pleasure of hosting two shows with two of Los Angeles’ historic wowees™:   The Bob Baker Marionettes and Angelyne the Billboard Queen. There were dancing pink puppets, our favorite humanoid psychic diva ostrich Phoenix Kidder, Angelyne, her signature fan, and yes… her iconic pink corvette pulled right up to the curb of the theater. (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE A PIC OF ANGELYNE NEARLY DEFILING A FAMILY HEIRLOOM.) 

After Angelyne left the building, another LA staple entered, Ron Lynch’s Tomorrow Show- circus edition! Under the (projected) big top we saw more puppets (#blessed) dancing, shoe dancing, comedy, oddities, et cetera. Tomorrow fans, make sure you come to the Tomorrow show THIS SATURDAY  as it will be their last Dynasty show for a while! Come wish them a happy Dynasty hiatus in Dynasty-style (with popcorn.)  But now we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start with….

TONIGHT: it’s the return of one of our favorite shows, with the best teams, and winner of overall best produced shebang in ShebangMag™. Yes, it’s Team Coco’s Up & Up hosted by the boy with the biblical super hero name, MOSES STORM! With a bonkers lineup of: MARK NORMANDRORY SCOVELSYDNEE WASHINGTONFAHIM AWAR! And everyone’s favorite grinning German DJ / comedic foil, FLULA BORG!

WEDNESDAY if something ails you, we have The Cure. We’re so excited to host the one year anniversary of JOEL KIM BOOSTER & BRENDAN SCANNELL’s show baby with these sparkling stars: SARAH SILVERMAN! SYDNEE WASHINGTON! JACQUELINE NOVAK! BIG DIPPER! and mooooore. 

THURSDAY SASHEER ZAMATA is bringing her Party Time back to the Dynasty! Always a good time, always the best host (hey girl) always the most fun lineups: this week with MITRA JOUHARIPATTI HARRISONSABRINA JALEES and ear vibes provided by DJ BREEZYEZ. Come get down! 

FRIDAY we’ve got TWO darlings for ya, at 8pm LINDSAY AMES’ My Diary with KEVIN NEALON, EMILY HELLERANTONIO MARZIALE, MOSES STORM, and LILIAN BOWDEN airing their dirty laundry- come get a whiff! (Sorry, that was v. yucky.)  Don’t you want to hear some of your favorite comics and personalities deepest and most awkward and private thoughts? OF COURSE YOU DO. Followed at 10pm by ANDY KINDLER’s Particular Show with RORY SCOVELWHITMER THOMASCHRIS GARCIA and MEGAN GAILEY (haven’t seen u since Austin girl! Hay!). 

SATURDAY we’ve got a matinee for you! We’re welcoming  TV Writers & Comedians: a competitive show that turns a stand-up comedy bit into a TV show. Comedians perform their sets in front of a panel of award-winning TV writers and show runners currently working in television. The TV writers then pitch potential TV shows based on the comedian’s material (pitches are improvised on the spot since the TV writers are seeing the performance for the first time). The winning TV pitch gets a prize: an opportunity to see their pitch come to life in production. JUICY PRIZE. COME SEE! With PAGE HURWITZ (Push It Productions) BECCA KINSKEY (Funny or Die) and ALBERT HOWELL (Tonight Show writer). Saturday eve brings us Maisel Goys Live: Saturday Night at the Gaslight KEVIN T. PORTER & ALICE WETTERLUND’s live version of The Marvelous Maisel Goys. Sorry guys n’ goys, we’re sold out!  At midnight we have the aforementioned Tomorrow Show <— remember! Last one here for a while, so get those tix! 

MONDAY Harmontown is in session, and TUESDAY you’ll be hearing from your Dyna-pen pals again. 

stay sweet poptarts, 

Jamie & Vanessa 

Tuesday, March 19 | 8pm 
Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco presents an all-new comedy and musical experience hosted by Moses Storm. With very special guests:  Mark Normand, Andrew Santino, Rory Scovel, Sydnee Washington, Fahim Anwar, Flula Borg.

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Wednesday, March 20 | 8pm 
Comedians Brendan Scannell and Joel Kim Booster celebrate the one-year anniversary of their monthly comedy show with the help of special guests Sarah Silverman, Sydnee Washington, Jacqueline Novak, Big Dipper, & more!

Thursday, March 21 | 8pm 
A variety showcase hosted by Sasheer Zamata (SNL, This American Life) where she invites comics and musicians to perform and play party games with the audience. Featuring special guests Mitra Jouhari, Patti Harrison, Sabrina Jalees and DJ BreezyEZ.

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Friday, March 22 | 8pm 
It's the show where comedians reveal their most private moments publicly. Heaven help us all. Hosted by Lindsay Ames, Featuring: Kevin Nealon (SNL), Emily Heller - (Grace & Frankie), Antonio Marziale (Alex Strangelove),  Moses Storm (This is Us) and Lilan Bowden (Andi Mack). 

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Friday, March 22 | 10pm 
Comedian Andy Kindler chooses from his rolodex (Rolex?) of comedy superstars from LA and around the world (New York) to present a hilarious (his words) and very Particular show. It’s his party and he'll do time between each comic if he wants to. Featuring: Joel Kim Booster, Brandon Wardel, Megan Gailey, Chris Garcia, Whitmer Thomas, & Special Guest

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Saturday, March 23 | 2pm 
Comedic minds compete for the ultimate prize: their own show. Hosted by Hosted by Melinda Hill with panelists: Page Hurwitz (Push It Productions) Becca Kinskey (Funny or Die),  Albert Howell (The Tonight Show). 

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Friday, March 23 | 7pm 
Comedians Kevin T. Porter and Alice Wetterlund transform Dynasty  into the Gaslight Cafe in 1959 to talk all about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and maybe even do a little stand-up too. Part podcast, part stand-up, all marvelous. Maisel tov!

Saturday, March 23 | Midnight 
Hosted by Ron Lynch, TOMORROW! is the longest-running show of its kind in Los Angeles. Now in its 14th year of acclaimed live late-night lunacy!

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Monday, March 18th | 8pm 
Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty) brings his wildly popular podcast in front of a live audience! 

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Last Friday, Time Out Los Angeles presented a showcase of their top 10 up-and-coming comedians, featuring:  Katrina Davis, Merrill Davis, Jared Goldstein, Nate Jackson, Casey Ley, Matt O’Brien, Atsuko Okatsuka, Natalie Palamides, and Mo Welch. Photos by Kelly Dwyer.

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Jamie's great grandpa and great uncle founded Angelus Typewriter in DTLA which would be the inspiration for the name... Dynasty Typewriter. 100 years later, by the magic of the lady of Los Angeles, here is another beautiful piece of this of this city, Angelyne, in Dynasty Typewriter, on top of Jamie’s great grandfather’s desk, poised to writhe.
Great news: Angelyne's crowd was as iconic looking as she was! PROOF in this gallery! If you don't like a shimmyin' pink cat, who even ARE YOU!? 

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Wowees n' whoopees, LA WEEKLY included us in their BEST OF LA issue! We're flattered, honored and yessss we're blushin'. Read for yourself! 

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TONIGHT is the latest installment of Team Coco’s monthly event, Up & Up with Moses Storm. To add to your doubtless excitement, WATCH THIS VIDEO and hear CONAN shout out the Dynasty Typewriter website. Conan saying the words "Dynasty Typewriter" is just a surreal delight. 

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We're so excited to announce THREE upcoming Dynasty Tonights! What IS Dynasty Tonight? It's the Dynasty's own show of hand-picked, sure fire Dynasty Delights.  Lineups getting hotter every day, and we've already got SARAH SILVERMAN! FORTUNE FEIMSTER! BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT! DREW DROEGE! CHELSEA PERETTI! KATE BERLANT!  AND EVEN MORE BIG SURPRISE GUESTS! Get your tickets now! 

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Tuesday, March 26nd | 8pm
Performance by Jaqueline Novak with guest John Early.

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Friday, March 29 | 8pm
Eliot Glazer's Haunting Renditions
With special guest Trixie Mattel (RuPaul's Drag Race).

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Time Out presents L.A. Comedians To Watch — 2019

Every year, Time Out LA has publishes list of Comics to Watch in Los Angeles. On March 15th at Dynasty Typewriter, Jane Borden hosted a stand-up show featuring comedians from that list, including: Natalie Palamides, Matt O'Brien, Mo Welch, Atsuko Okatsuka, Nate Jackson, Merrill Davis, Jared Goldstein, Katrina Davis, and Casey Ley.

Photography by Kelly Dwyer

Photo Recap: Dynasty Typewriter At SXSW

We had a great time bringing a little bit of the Dynasty flavor to SXSW in Austin, Texas! The show was a success, with a packed room at Esther’s Follies and a lineup of twinkling stars including: Paul F Tompkins, Busy Philipps, Kurt Braunohler, Debra DiGiovanni, Megan Gailey and a cameo from internet yoga sensation, Yoga with Adriene’s Adriene Mishler. We LOVED the show, everyone killed, but you know what… we missed you Dynasty. We were reminded other crowds are… rowdy! Luckily the all-star cast served the drunk German heckler and her friends (is it still heckling if she wasn’t mean? Just like, loud?) some comedic justice (coming soon to TruTV jk but it would be good.)

Photos by Mindy Tucker

😊 So GLADSBY for GADSBY + 👽Doing our part to keep AUSTIN weird + 📯👯 Bugles n' Bechdels n' Benitos and more!💫


Happy to report it’s been another great week at the Dynasty. Since last we’ve corresponded, HANNAH GADSBY has begun her run of shows, and they have been absolutely wonderful, as has she, as are her audiences! Turns out good people attract good people! So stick with the good ones and…. good stuff happens. (Still working on that adage.) In addition to Hannah’s shows, we had a screening of BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT’s film about the legendary Barry CrimminsCALL ME LUCKY, hosted by Bobcat himself. Saturday we had the bittersweet honor of hosting the last ever KEVIN POLLAK CHAT SHOW, which is retiring after a 10 year run of talking to everyone cool. The show was great, with a hangry PAMELA ADLON and a dapper JIM JEFFERIES as the perfectly pitched high notes to go out on. SUNDAY we had an absolutely delightful GO DAY, and got creative advice and inspirations from the usual suspects: an amateur taxidermist, a show runner, a psychic puppeteer, and a tv-writer turned novelist. If those aren’t your usual suspects, you’re hangin’ around at the wrong Go Days, honey! Also of note, a Llama Puppet saw into Jamie’s heart (and throat chakra) and gave some tender advice on speaking his mind. Watch out, jerkwads, Flam is gonna start tellin' like it is! A rough n’ tumble Bunny Puppet told Vanessa it’s good for her to be living in her power with her sword out (?) and also, before bed encouraged everyone to ask themselves “Why was today the best day ever?” Listen, if a puppet says gratitude is the antidote for all that ails us, we’re going to listen. 

Guess what?! We’re taking the Dynasty eastward this week and putting on a show at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST. We’re honored to be asked and stoked to do it. The show will be called “That’s Enchantertainment™” and we’ll have PAUL F. TOMPKINSBUSY PHILIPPSKURT BRAUNOHLERDEBRA DIGIOVANNIMEGAN GAILEY, and… YOGA WITH ADRIENE. We’ll be putting on the big shebang at Esther’s Follies this Friday at 10pm, so if you’re attending the fest, stop by and attend this too! 

THIS WEEK! Did you think we’d slow down? Oh nooooo, honeys. We’ve got to keep on movin’! Hannah’s reign continues, and TONIGHT we also have DANIEL WEBB’s stand-up comedy play, Parfait! This month he’s joined by the fabulous faces of SOLOMON GEORGIOATSUKO OKATSUKASYDNEE WASHINGTONMATTHEW BROUSSARD and more! WEDNESDAY at 10:30, the whirlwind that is BENITO SKINNER will be back for his second sold-out show. FRIDAY at 10, come check out the final stop of the Comedy Royalty Tour!  SATURDAY at 10pm, buckle up because it’s a PODCAST MASHUP! WHoahhhhh! Yes, The Daily Zeitgeist fellows (JACK O’BRIEN and MILES GREY) and joining up with the women of The Bechedel Cast (CAITLIN DURANTE and JAMIE LOFTUS) to dissect the news, trends, and movies from… 1999. Yep. 

SUNDAY madmen JOEY GREER and MIKE CASTLE share the stage for the improvised broguish delight that is IrishprovMONDAY the fine people of Harmontown take over, and TUESDAY we’ve got two great shows- ANDY ZALTZMAN’s bringing his smash hit podcast The Bugle across the pond, splashing it right smack tab into the Dynasty! Then JULIO TORRES will be onstage at 10, talking about (what else?) his favorite shapes. 
PS: We also wanted to tell you, we’re serving coffee! Yes, we’re now a brew-hub for DynaBrew™, so the next time you're at a show, grab yourself a cuppa Joe Dynasty, or if you’re of the herbal persuasion, a cuppa Dyna’sTea. (Tea serving is currently limited to matinees and Maron shows. We have our reasons.)

Photo Recap: The Lucas Bros present A Will To Believe

On Feb 23rd, our friend’s The Lucas Bros presented a brand new hour of comedy, exploring topics such as Will Smith, William James, religion, politics and many more. Through their comedic examination, the Bros helped restore their faith in believing because nihilism is too expensive. The show also included performances by special guests: Sasheer Zamata, Byron Bowers Quinta Brunson, Brandon Wardell, Heather Pasternak, Mookie Thompson, Blake Webber, and Steph Tolev.

Photography by: Steven Tucker



We hope your past week was full of all the things that make you feel like the child of star-stuff that you ARE, honeys! If that’s coming on too strong for a Tuesday we don’t want to come on the correct amount. Last week was a real grab bag of goodies ranging from KYLE AYERS' Never Seen It LIVE podcast, Kiwi Kween ROSE MATAFEO’S Horndog, ATC presents with special guest CHELSEA PERETTI and… the crowing jewel of a beautiful week, our huge Valentine’s Soiree! We won’t bore you with all the details, but we will take this opportunity to gently remind you that all DynastyLand™ events are certified gold-level GOMO®. (GOMO, for the few who might need a reminder is the GUARANTEE of missing out.) Short summary: there was dancing, Dyngo, smooching, raging, typing, drinking, and meaningful interactions with a gigantic psychic bird

In other notable news, we’d be remiss not to mention the truly stellar execution of The 2019 All-Star Curmudgeon Run. Didn’t know we’d been in a Curmudgeon Run, then honey you haven’t been paying attention! (It’s ok, we sort of realized it in hindsight also) Over the past 10 days these surly so-n-so’s fought their natural dispositions and brought joy to the Dynasty time and again, so give it up for ANDY KINDLER! MARC MARON! DAN HARMON!and a double serving of EDDIE PEPITONE! Eddie WON This Year’s All-Star Curmudgeon Run (everyone else is also a winner though, don’t worry!) with his live special tapings on Saturday night. We were so thrilled to host the recording of Eddie’s new special, and let us tell you YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. Amazingly hilarious, absurd, silly, smart, poignant, and the stage looked soooooo good. Also, Eddie was GLOWING. If you’ve never seen him glow, let us just warn you, it’s flarpin’ cute

Finally we’re onto THIS WEEK! Oh gosh, we don’t usually spend so many blurbs on the past, but it was a great past, so, you get it. SO TONIGHT we’re very jazzed for Team Coco’s Up & Up with the impossibly perfect host MOSES STORM! He’ll be joined by FLULA BORGTAYLOR TOMLINSONTIM DILLONNICOLE BYER! and moooore! Then WEDNESDAYget your grub ears on as the country’s #1 food podcast comes to LA for the first time! We’re so excited to have DAN PASHMAN’SPORKFUL! With special guest, actor and taco king DANNY TREJO! As if you needed another reason to come, every attendee will get a free empanada! (Just typing that made us feel like flarpin' Oprah!) Afterwards we’ve got CAT COHEN which we’d love for you to see but, congratulations and condolences, it’s SOLD OUT

THURSDAY we welcome the wonderful folks of WORKJUICE IMPROVPAUL F. TOMPKINS and company welcome special guest BUSY PHILLIPS joining their already impeccable ranks as guest monologist. And afterwards, the ball of fire with the voice of an animated rainbow, CHRISTI CHIELLO brings her solo show, IT’S CHRISTI, B*TCH to the best coast. FRIDAY’s were made for parties, and SASHEER ZAMATA is made to answer prayers. It’s SASHEER ZAMATA PARTY TIME! This edition with ESTHER POVITSKYGIULIA ROZZI, DJ BREEZYEZ and moooore! And since your Esther’tite will already be whetted, why not stick around for more? That’s right, it’s ya girl ESTHER POVITSKY at 10pm! SATURDAYTHE LUCAS BROTHERS a WILL TO BELIEVE - the premiere of their brand new hour of comedy. We CAN’T WAIT. Oh, AND the show will include performances from a buncha babes: BYRON BOWERSQUINTA BRUNSONBRANDON WARDELLROSEBUD BAKERMOOKIE THOMPSON, and BLAKE WEBBER

SUNDAY we’ve got another date with the man, the myth, the MARON (sold out!) then MONDAY is HARMONTOWN… then… OMG, our HANNAH GADSBY RUN BEGINS!!! AHHHHH!

Photo Recap: Dynastyland™ Valentine's Party

GOMO™ ALERT!: On February 14th DYNASTYLAND™ presented an evening of enchantertainment™ for lighthearted lovers and loners alike! Take a look!
DynastyLand™ events fling open the curtains of The Dynasty, expanding your experience from audience member to main attraction. Our entire space becomes yours to explore, filled with treasures, delights, performances, and surprises.

See the Full Photoset Here →